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Advanced Understanding of Neurodegenerative DiseasesChang, RCC201181
Intermittent hypoxia increases AT1 receptor and oxidative stress in the rat carotid bodyLam, SSY; Tipoe, GL; Liong, EC; Fung, ML200678
Modernization of research in chinese medicine: neuroprotection of damaged retinal ganglion cells with chinese herbal extractsSo, KF200276
NeurodegenerationChang, RCC201179
Neurodegenerative Diseases: Processes, Prevention, Protection and MonitoringChang, RCC201171
Regeneration of endocrine neurons in the neurohypophyseal system after axotomy.Wu, W200486
Response of NOS to Neuronal Injury.Wu, W200072
A review on the laboratory investigations and epidemiological studies of black teaChang, MP; Chang, RCC; Wang, M; So, KF2008226
育醫造才: 探索醫學世界(第二冊)Lam, CLK; Chan, GCF; Lam, TH; Leung, AYM; Leung, GKK; Tang, SCW; Tsao, GSW; Zhang, ZJ201251
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