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Acquired dyslexia and dysgraphia in bilinguals across alphabetical and non-alphabetical scriptsWilson, MA; Kahlaoui, K; Weekes, BS2012101
Acquired dyslexia in bilingual speakers: Implications for models of oral readingWeekes, BS; Su, IF; To, C; Ulicheva, A201330
Acquired dyslexia in Mongolian and ChineseWeekes, BS; Su, IF200946
Acupuncture and Voice TreatmentYiu, EML201324
Age of acquisition effects on picture naming in Chinese anomiaLaw, SP; Weekes, BS; Yeung, OHY; Chiu, K.2008109
AppendixWong, LLN; Hickson, L201266
Application of motor learning principles in voice motor learningMa, EPM; Yiu, EML201328
Assessing Cantonese-speaking children with language difficulties from the perspective of evidence-based practice: Current practice and future directionsKlee, T.; Wong, AMY; Stokes, S. F.; Fletcher, P.; Leonard, L. B.2008148
Assessing vocal hyperfunction using surface electromyographyWong, YH; Ma, EPM201178
Audiology: A developing country contextMcPherson, DB2008137
Auditory-perceptual voice evaluationChan, KMK201192
Cantonese Linguistic Communication Measure (CLCM): A clinical tool for assessing aphasic narrative productionKong, PH; Law, SP2009170
Cantonese Phonological Development: Normal and DisorderedSo, LKH200797
Cantonese Speech AcquisitionSo, LKH200795
Chewing technique speak with an open mouthMa, EPM2008146
Chewing technique: Speak with an Open MouthMa, EPM201329
A construction account of question acquisition in Cantonese-speaking children with SLIWong, AMY; Stokes, S. F.200899
Cross-language (Cantonese/English) study of articulatory error patterns in children with cleft palate speech using electropalatography (EPG)Gibbon, F; Whitehill, TL; Hardcastle, WJ; Stokes, SF; Nairn, M1997113
Current issues in voice assessment and intervention in Hong KongMa, EPM; Lee, TKY201330
Developmental dyslexia in Chinese: behavioural, genetic and neuropsychological issues.Weekes, BS; Klingebiel, K200982
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