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The BEC-BCS Crossover: Some History and Some General ObservationsLeggett, AJ; Zhang, S201243
Defect in zinc oxide nanostructures synthesized by a hydrothermal methodDjurisic, A; Tam, KH; Cheung, CK; Leung, YH; Ling, FCC; Beling, CD; Fung, SHY; Chan, WK2007293
Determination of elemental abundances in photoionized gaseous nebulaeZhang, Y; Liu, XW201026
Doping of wide band gap nanostructures: ZnO and GaNDjurisic, A; Xie, MH; Leung, YH2010245
Fabrication and characterization of as doped p-type ZnO films grown by magnetron sputteringFan, J; Ling, FCC; Xie, Z2011112
Fundamentals of gamma-ray astrophysicsRomero, GE; Cheng, KS2004107
High energy emission from pulsars and pulsar wind nebulaeCheng, KS2009127
High energy emission from strange starsCheng, KS; Harko, TC2007115
III-nitride nanomaterials: Growth and propertiesDjurisic, A; Cai, X; Xie, MH2008269
Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) thin films: Fabrication, properties, post-deposition treatments and applicationsWang, R; Djurisic, A; Beling, CD; Fung, SHY2005292
The influence of the electrode choice on the performance of organic solar cellsDjurisic, A; Kwong, CY2004231
The initial growing stage of YBa2Cu3O7-d thin films on yttrium stabilized ZrO2 substratesGao, J2003182
Introduction: A brief history of gamma-ray astronomyCheng, KS; Romero, GE2004114
LO phonon-assisted exciton luminescence processes in heteroepitaxial GaN filmsXu, S2002102
Making an Empty Promise with a Quantum ComputerChau, HF; Lo, HK2000122
NebulaKwok, S2007121
Optical Properties of Oxide NanomaterialsDjurisic, AB; Chen, XY; Zapien, JA; Leung, YH; Ng, AMC201344
The origin of diffuse interstellar bandsZhang, Y201024
Phase-resolved spectra of the crab pulsarJia, J; Cheng, KS2007117
Recent advances in defect characterization in 6H-SiC using Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy and Positron Annihilation SpectroscopyLing, CC; Beling, CD; Gong, M; Chen, XD; Fung, S2000256
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