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30 Case Reports for chronic nephritis treated by Chinese Medicine using the principle of mediating wind, removal of dampness and soothing the meridians (Included in the conference manual)
Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine Academic Conference
Cai, X2009320
3Alpha,7beta-dihydroxy-5beta-cholan-24-oic acid N-(2-sulfoethyl)amide alters the microRNAs expression and promotes cell migration of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells
International Journal of Cancer
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhu, M; Wang, N; Tsao, SW; Tong, Y; Feng, Y2011307
Acpuncture needle application on Shenshu (BL 23) and Dachangshu (BL 25) in the treatment of prolaped intervertebral disc in the lumbar spine
Acupuncture in Pain Management
Mo, F2009207
Acupuncture and chronic fatigue syndrome: A Randomized controlled trial
World Mental Health Congress
Ng, SM; Tsui, EYL; Yiu, YM2007227
Acupuncture and Needle-stimulation, Different Concepts and Different Methods
The 10th Meeting of The Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine (CGCM)
Li, L; Yau, T; Yau, CH2011156
Acupuncture combined with herb treatment of endometriosis dysmenorrhea
4th TCM Gynecology Conference 2011
Yiu, YM2011145
Acupuncture for post-stroke rehabilitation: insights from neurobiological progress, neuroimaging evidence and clinical prospective
Hong Kong International Acupuncture Conference, HKAIC 2011
Shen, J2011168
Acupuncture methods for treating pain in "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic"
International Symposium of Acupuncture in Pain Proceedings
Li, L2009230
Acupuncture methods of epidemic diseases in lost chapters of "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic"
Proceedings of the 2011 Chinese National Conference on Chronabiology
Li, L2011156
Acupuncture on Time - Discussions on the Acupuncture-time Thought of “Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic”
Taipei Traditional Chinese Medicine International Forum 2012
Lo, KC; Li, L2012168
Acupuncture Prose Poems and Academic Knowledge Inheritance
International Conference on Imperial Examination and Cifu
Li, L201425
Acupuncture therapies in the Yellow Emperor? Internal classic for curing psychiatric syndromes
Hong Kong International Acupuncture Conference, HKIAC 2011
Li, L2011113
Acupuncture therapy for post-stroke depression: systematic review and meta-analysis.Zhang, Z2009161
Advance in Acupuncture Treatment of Drug Withdrawal Syndrome
The 6th Shanghai International Symposium on Clinical and Academic Research of Acupuncture & Moxibustion
MAN, PM; Tong, Y; Zhang, Z2006133
An analysis for the pathogenic structure of Kidney-deficiency syndrome in clinical setting
Programme and Abstracts. 10th Research Postgraduate Symposium, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong.
Chen, RQ; Lam, TH; Cao, K; Wong, CM; Tong, Y2005151
Angelica Polysaccharides Promotes Thrombopoiesis through the Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase/Akt PathwayYang, M; Chan, GCF; Ye, J; Liu, C2008255
Anti-cancer effect of Tian Xian Liquid, a Chinese medicine formula, in human colon carcinoma HT29
International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy
Sze, SCW; Chu, SME; Wong, KL; Liu, Q; Yow, CMN; Liu, WK; Ng, TB; Tong, Y2010224
Anti-cancer effect of triterpenes from helicteres angustifolia on ht-29 colon cancer in vitro.
13th Cancer Congress
Lee, HCH; Ip, CW; LEIGH, AB; ZHANG, L; Sze, CW201267
Anti-metastatic evaluation of a Chinese medicinal herbal formulation on human ovarian cancer cells
International Conference of Integrative medicine against Cancer
Chu, SME; Sze, CW; Liu, Q; Liu, WK; Tong, Y2010153
Anti-metastatic evaluation of Tian-Xian Liquid (TXL) and its bioactive fractions in human colorectal cancer cells and xenograft models
9th Meeting of Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine, CGCM 2010
Chu, SME; Sze, CW; Tong, Y2010197
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