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Global stabilization and restricted tracking with bounded feedback for multiple oscillator systemsZhou, B; Lam, J; Lin, Z; Duan, GR2010378
Gradient-based maximal convergence rate iterative method for solving linear matrix equationsZhou, B; Lam, J; Duan, GR201075
Greenhouse gas emissions in Hong KongLeung, DYC; Lee, YT2000114
Growth of brushite crystals in sodium silicate gel and their characterizationRoop Kumar, R; Wang, M2001248
Growth sustainability of nanopore channels in anodic aluminum oxide guided with prepatternsCheng, C; Ngan, AHW201316
Guaranteed cost control for uncertain neutral stochastic systems via dynamic output feedback controllersXu, S; Lam, J; Shi, P; Boukas, EK; Zou, Y2009134
Guest editorialChen, YH; Gibson, I200347
Guest Editorial: Composites in medicine (Special Issue for the Symposium on Composites in Medicine at ACCM-5)Wang, M200876
H ∞ and passivity control via static and integral output feedback for systems with input delayDu, B; Lam, J; Shu, Z2012105
H ∞ and positive-real control for linear neutral delay systemsXu, S; Lam, J; Yang, C2001672
H ∞ Filtering for Singular SystemsXu, S; Lam, J; Zou, Y2003394
H ∞ model reduction for singular systems: continuous-time caseXu, S; Lam, J; Liu, W; Zhang, Q200369
H ∞ model reduction of 2-D dingular roesser modelsXu, H; Zou, Y; Xu, S; Lam, J; Wang, Q200569
H ∞ positive filtering for positive linear discrete-time systems: An augmentation approachLi, P; Lam, J; Shu, Z2010528
H2 and mixed H2/Ha5 stabilization and disturbance attenuation for differential linear differential processesPaszke, W; Galkowski, K; Rogers, E; Lam, J2008228
H2 and mixed H2/H∞ stabilization and disturbance attenuation for differential linear repetitive processesPaszke, W; Gałkowski, K; Rogers, E; Lam, J200895
Ha5 disturbance attenuation for uncertain mechanical systems with input delayDu, HP; Lam, J; Sze, KY2005123
Hankel norm approximation of linear systems with time-varying delay: Continuous and discrete casesGao, H; Lam, J; Wang, C; Wang, Q200487
Hankel norm model reduction of uncertain neutral stochastic time-delay systemsLi, Y; Lam, J; Luo, X2009140
Hankel-type model reduction for linear repetitive processes: Differential and discrete casesWu, L; Lam, J200882
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