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Quality of healthcare: a concept analysisChan, MMK201268
Quality of life among elderly Chinese immigrants in Australia: elderly Chinese immigrants in AustraliaLo, MH2010131
Quality of life among older grandparent caregivers: A pilot studyLo, M; Liu, Y-H2009117
Quality of life among the older adult who perform Tai Chi or resistance training exerciseHong, WL; Lau, EMC; Woo, J; Critchley, JAJH; Chan, KM2009128
Quality of life and help-seeking behaviors among Hong Kong Chinese women with menorrhagiaSee, L. M.; 施諾汶.2007213
Quality of life and help-seeking behaviors among women with menorrhagia in Hong KongSee, LM; Leung, SSK200767
Quality of Life during the Transition to ParenthoodNgai, FW; Ngu, SF201315
Quality of Life in Hong Kong Chinese Children Hospitalized with CancerLi, WHC20106
Quality of life in older adults: A health perspectiveKwan, A; Chan, SSC; Cheung, J; Ngan, R; Leung, A; Lau, A; Ng, SH200580
Quality of life in older adults: A nursing perspectiveCheung, JCK; Kwan, AYH; Ngan, RMH; Ng, SH; Chan, SSC; Leung, EMF; Lau, A200376
Quality of life in older adults: Benefits from caring services in Hong KongCheung, JCK; Kwan, AYH; Chan, SSC; Ngan, RMH; Ng, SH; Leung, EMF; Lau, A200596
Quality of life in patients with diabetic foot ulcerHui, Lan-fong.; 許蘭芳.2006507
Quality of life in spinal cord injured clients in Hong KongWong, Sze-wing, Julia.2004244
Quality of life of Chinese ostomy patients in Hong KongWong, Ka-wai.; 黃嘉慧.2007225
The Quality of Life of Chinese Women undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy for Breast CancerSo, KW; Marsh, G; Ling, WM; Leung, FY; Lo, JCK; Yeung, M; Li, GKH200884
A quasi-experimental study on a new service option of short-term residential care for older stroke patientsChau, PH; Yeung, F; Chan, TW; Woo, J201325
Quit and relapse rates of a gender-specific smoking cessation program in Hong KongChan, SSC; Leung, YP; Fu, CY; Leung, GM; Lam, TH2009121
Quit to Win 2009Chan, SSC201140
Quit to Win 2009Chan, SSC; Lau, LMM; Lai, V; Wong, CN; Lam, TH201148
Quitting patterns of women smokers who joined nurse-led gender specific smoking cessation programmeChan, SSC; Leung, YP; Fu, CY; Wan, SF; Lam, TH201099
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