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Making it a practice: a pre-admission pre-operation education programme for patients on elective CABGChan, Kit-yee, Brenda.; 陳潔兒2008224
Management of labour: use of water immersion for pain reliefLai, Mei-fong, Janny.; 黎美芳2008209
Managing isolation and anxiety of a cohort of hospitalized suspected SARS pediatric patients in Hong Kong: an evidence-based nursing care model.Chan, SSC; Wong, EMY; Tiwari, AFY; Leung, D; Lo, SL; Lau, YL200569
Managing workplace violence: using a task force approachLau, Tsz-yan.; 劉芷欣2008230
Mandatory continuing nursing education: factors influence nurses participation in Hong KongLam, Sui-sum.; 林瑞心.2004389
Manganese superoxide dismutase expressed in silkworm larvae, Bombyx mori L enhances the NK activity and splenocyte proliferation against Sarcoma 180 tumor cells in vivoYue, WF; Yao, ML; Liu, JM; Li, GL; Li, XH; Wu, XF; Deng, W; Sun, HX; Zhou, JY; Zhang, CX; Miao, YG200991
Maternal coping during early motherhood among first-time Chinese mothersNgai, FW; Chan, SWC; Holroyd, E2012111
Maternal negative moods affected by depressive symptoms of their adolescent children among Chinese.Leung, SSK; Stewart, SM; Wong, JPS; Ho, DSY; Fong, DYT; Lam, TH200974
Measurement of Children’s Emotional Responses to Stressful Medical Procedure: A Multidimensional ApproachLi, WHC20056
Measurement of pubertal status with a Chinese self-report Pubertal Development ScaleChan, NPT; Sung, RYT; Nelson, EAS; So, HK; Tse, YK; Kong, APS2010109
Measuring changes in family nursing practice in Hong Kong.Simpson, MAP; Tarrant, AM200567
Measuring saliva cotinine in non-smoking mothers and infants living with smoking fathersChan, SSC; Leung, YP; Leung, AYM; Leung, S; Mak, KH; Koh, D; Ng, V; Lam, TH2009106
Measuring self-efficacy to manage disease in general among a sample of Chinese older adults with chronic diseasesLeung, YP; Chan, SSC; Leung, AYM; Lam, TH2009118
Measuring social impacts of breast carcinoma treatment in Chinese women: The Chinese Social Adjustment ScaleFielding, R; Lam, WWT2004155
Measuring students' critical thinking: Challenges and possible solutionsTiwari, AFY199775
Measuring transcednence among Chinese older adults: a spiritual approachLou, V; Chan, CLY; Leung, DYP; Fok, SSY; Tsui, AKM201177
Mediating effects of posttraumatic stress and depressive symptoms between psychological partner abuse and chronic painTiwari, AFY201162
Medical and nursing students’ knowledge and attitude towards older adults in Hong Kong.Leung, AYM; Chan, SSC; Fong, DYT; Chi, I200891
Medical Nurses' knowledge, attitudes and barriers in pain managementKam, Yuen-ching.; 金琬瀞.2007235
Medical Service Utilization among Community Care Service RecipientsChan, KS; Leung, AYM; Cheng, YH; Chi, I200785
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