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Kangaroo mother care for preterm infantsLeung, Ka-yin; 梁家燕2010489
Knowledge and attitudes regarding pain management among nurses in Hong Kong medical unitsLui, LYY; So, WKW; Fong, DYT2008205
The Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Pain Management among the Medical Nursing Staff in Hong KongLui, LYY; So, KW200660
The knowledge level and precautionary measures taken by older adults during the SARS outbreak in Hong KongSo, WKW; Chan, SSC; Lee, ACK; Tiwari, AFY2004101
Knowledge, attitude and practice on smoking cessation among a smaple of Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Hong Kong,Chan, RYP; Chan, SSC; Leung, YP; Lam, TH200663
Knowledge, attitudes and barriers regarding pain management among nurses in the medical unitKam, VYC; So, KW200779
Knowledge, attitudes and practice (KAP) on smoking cessation among health care professionals in Guangzhou, ChinaGuo, N; Chan, SSC; Jiang, CQ; Fong, DYT; Lam, TH2006154
Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding smoking cessation among Chinese affiliates of women's organisations in Hong KongLeung, DYP; Chan, SSC; Fu, ICY; Lam, TH2011127
The knowledge, attitudes, and practice of nurses in smoking cessationChan, SSC; Lam, TH; Lum, S; Ko, WM200262
Knowledge, attitudes, exposure, and future intentions of Hong Kong University Students toward infant feedingTarrant, M; Dodgson, JE2007151
Knowledge, attitudes, practice (KAP) and organizational support on delivering smoking cessation services on Guangzhou health careprofessionalsGuo, Nan; 郭楠2007402
Knowledge, beliefs, preventive behaviors and preferred information sources associated with osteoporosis among Chinese nursing students inHong KongChan, Lu-tak, Ruth; 陳路得2007143
A large case-control study on the predictability of hepatitis B surface antigen levels three years before hepatitis B surface antigen seroclearanceSeto, WK; Wong, DKH; Fung, J; Hung, IFN; Fong, DYT; Yuen, JCH; Tong, T; Lai, CL; Yuen, MF2012136
Latent Variable Path ModelsFong, DYT201488
Later life learning experience among Chinese elderly in Hong KongLeung, A; Lui, YH; Chi, I2006107
Lead abatement and prevention of developmental disabilitiesChiang, V1999134
Learned resourcefulness, social support, and perinatal depression in Chinese mothersNgai, FW; Chan, SWC201290
Learning Aspiration of Soon-to-be aged adultsChou, KL; Chi, I; Leung, AYM2003111
Learning health issues via web search: Hong Kong Chinese older adults' experienceLeung, AYM; Ko, P; Chi, I; Chow, NWS200482
Learning health literacy via online learning system among university students in Hong Kong (poster presentation)Leung, AYM; Li, WHC; Liu, ANC; Wong, EML; Chiang, VCL201329
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