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Habitual physical activity is associated with endothelial function and endothelial progenitor cells in patients with stable coronary artery diseaseLuk, TH; Dai, YL; Siu, CW; Yiu, KH; Chan, HT; Fong, DYT; Lee, SWL; Li, SW; Tam, S; Lau, CP; Tse, HF2009134
Hand hygiene and risk of influenza virus infections in the community: a systematic review and meta-analysisWONG, WY; Cowling, BJ; Aiello, AE20145
Health Communication in Diabetic Care: A Qualitative Study in Hong KongLeung, AYM; Chu, D; Shum, WC; Chan, SSC200888
Health Education And Lifestyle In Hong Kong Young People.Wong, PSJ; Leung, AYM2003131
Health education on tobacco or health: The role of professional nurses in Hong KongChan, SSC; Betson, CL; Lam, TH200059
Health enhancement and pedometer-determined (HEPA) programme pilot study.Tse, MA; Leung, AYM; Shum, WC; Lancaster, BJ; Lam, CLK201078
Health enhancement and pedometer-determined ambulatory (HEPA) programme for older adults: a feasibility studyLeung, AYM; Tse, MA; Shum, WC; Lam, CLK; Lancaster, BJ2010165
Health information seeking partially mediated the association between socioeconomic status and self-rated health among Hong Kong ChineseWang, MP; Wang, X; Lam, TH; Viswanath, K; Chan, SSC201317
Health Literacy Enhanced Education Program and physical activity for patients with Type II Diabetes: a systematic reviewLam, HS; Leung, AYM; Chan, SSC201148
Health Literacy Issues in Diabetic Care: How Much Do We Care?Leung, AYM200968
Health literacy materials for diabetic patients: the use of printed pictorial stories and audiotapes in health promotionLeung, AYM2010100
Health literacy regarding aging issuesWoo, J; Chau, PH; Mak, BSK201361
Health literacy training for health care professionals: A systematic reviewXIA, N; Leung, AYM201323
Health literacy, knowledge in Vitamin D and sunlight exposure: a cross-sectional survey in Residential Care HomesCheung, KT; Leung, AYM; Chan, SSC; Lie Ken Jie, MSF; Chan, FHW; Lam, CW201165
Health nurses' role in smoking cessation: knowledge, attitutes and behavioursChan, SSC; Tsung, PPK200365
The Health Promoting Lifestyles Of Undergraduate Nurses In Hong KongHui Choi, WH200272
Health promotion interventions used to reduce social isolation and loneliness amongst elderly - Which ones works? Which ones don’t work?Kong, CHM; Hong, AWL2010138
Health Promotion Program for Secondary School Teachers in Managing Their Work-Related StressLeung, SSK; Mak, YW; Chiang, VCL; Chui, CYY; Sun, SYK; Wong, DFK200883
Health related quality of life (HRQOL) of Chinese patients following total joint replacement surgeryZou, H; Chan, SSC; Tiwari, AFY; Ko, PS; Leong, JCY200373
Health related quality of life in older people and implications on health care delivery in Hong KongLeung, A; Kwan, A; Cheung, J; Chan, SSC; Ngan, R; Lau, A; Ng, SH2005105
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