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Background ionizing radiation plays a minor role in the production of chromosome translocations in a control population
International Journal of Radiation Biology
Informa Healthcare. The Journal's web site is located at
Lucas, JN; Deng, W; Moore, D; Hill, F; Wade, M; Lewis, A; Sailes, F; Kramer, C; Hsieh, A; Galvan, N1999123
Balancing infection control practices and family-centred care in a cohort of paediatric suspected severe acute respiratory syndrome patients in Hong Kong
Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health
Blackwell Publishing Asia. The Journal's web site is located at
Chan, SSC; Leung, DYK; Wong, EMY; Tiwari, AFY; Wong, DCN; Lo, SL; Lau, YL2006205
Barriers and facilitators in health-related learning among Chinese third agers
The Gerontologist
Oxford University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Leung, A; Leung, DYP; Chi, I2009127
Barriers to evidence-based nursing practice: the Hong Kong baccalaureate nursing students' perspective
Asia-Pacific Conference on Health Promotion and Education
Li, WHC2009692
Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice: Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Perspective
Advances in Medicine and Biology
Nova Publishers
Li, WHC201033
Battered wife: what the woman can do?
Sixth Perinatal Symposium 2006. Topics in Perinatal Medicine
Tiwari, AFY2006109
Becoming a mother during the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong.
American Public Health Association’s 132nd Annual Meeting – Public Health and the Environment, Washington, DC.
Dodgson, JE; Tarrant, AM; Chee, YO2004111
Becoming a role model: The breastfeeding trajectory of Hong Kong women breastfeeding longer than 6 months
International Journal of Nursing Studies
Pergamon. The Journal's web site is located at
Tarrant, M; Dodgson, JE; Choi, VWK2004796
'Becoming parents' : a hospital-community partnership to enhance transition to parenthood
The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong)
Lam, Suk-fun; 林淑芬201379
Becoming parents: a Hospital-Community Partnership to enhance transition to parenthood
19th Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International Conference, NNVAWI 2013
Tiwari, AFY; Leung, WC; Lam, SF201359
Benefit of massage on preterm infant weight gain
The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong)
To, Wan-sze, Ivy.; 杜允思.2011380
Benefits of learning: a comparison among older adults in Beijing, Hong Kong SAR and Shanghai
22nd Congress of International Association of the Universities of the Third Age (AIUTA)
Leung, AYM; Yuen, C; Chan, KS; Xie, M2004116
Benefits of perceived social support in adolescent pregnancy: an integrative review
The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong)
Wai, Hoi-ka, Jessica.; 韋海嘉.2006490
The Big-Five Inventory: Profiles of personality traits of Chinese smokers attending a smoking cessation clinic in Hong KongLeung, YP; Chan, SSC; Lam, TH2009284
Binary geometric process model for the modeling of longitudinal binary data with trend
Computational Statistics
Physica-Verlag GmbH und Co.
Chan, JSK; Leung, DYP2010201
Biological dosimetry of beta-ray exposure from tritium using chromosome translocations in human lymphocytes analyzed by fluorescence in situ hybridization
Radiation Research
Deng, W; Morrison, DP; Gale, KL; Lucas, JN199895
Birth Practices and Breastfeeding Outcomes
La Leche League International.
Smith, LJ; Tarrant, AM201241
Bisphosphonates for advanced prostate cancer.
Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online)
John Wiley & Sons Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Yuen, KK; Shelley, M; Sze, WM; Wilt, T; Mason, MD2006110
Bone mineral density in patients with spine fracture treated with alendronate sodium and strontium ranelate
Regional Osteoporosis Conference
Loong, CHN; Bow, CHY; Yeung, SC; Tan, KCB; Kung, AWC2011278
Breast and colorectal cancer screening and associated correlates among Chinese older women
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention. The Journal's web site is located at
Leung, DYP; Leung, AYM; Chi, I2012152
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