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1607, a year of (some) significance: Translation of the first European text in mathematics - <i>Elements</i> --- into ChineseSiu, MK2011123
A 2-approximation algorithm for path coloring on a restricted class of trees of ringsDeng, X; Li, G; Zang, W; Zhou, Y2003206
The 4/3 -Variation of the Derivative of the Self-intersection Brownian Local Time and Related ProcessesHu, Y; Nualart, D; Song, J201278
A comparative survey of homotopy pullbacks and pushoutsYiu, Yu-hung, Paul; 姚如雄1978223
A functional analytic approach to the power series solutions of an HIVmodelXu, Liang; 许亮2010227
A limited area primitive equation weather prediction model for Hong KongChan, Yuk-kwan.; 陳鋈鋆1984232
A min-max theorem on packing and covering cycles in graphsXu, Zhenzhen.; 許眞眞2002260
A multidimensional data model for monitoring web usage and optimizing website topologyWu, Hao-cun.; 吳浩存.2004520
A poisson structure on the complex projective spaceChow, Shek-Hei, Alan.; 周錫禧.2005277
A study of generalized numerical rangesTsing, Nam-kiu, Johannes.; 丁南僑1983352
A study of induced operators on symmetry classes of tensorsTam, Tin-yau.; 譚天佑1986211
A study of polynomials, determinants, eigenvalues and numerical rangesover real quaternionsSiu, Lok-shun.; 邵樂遜1997284
A study of preserver problemsSze, Nung-sing.; 施能聖.2005542
A study on some missing value estimation algorithms for DNA microarraydataTai, Ching-wan.; 戴青雲.2006250
A survey of the development of the homological theory of local ringsYoung, Szu-hsun, Samuel.; 楊森茂1966276
A survey of the representations of categoriesChiu, Wing-kin.; 趙永堅.1967253
A survey on Golomb's Conjectures and Costas ArraysTsang, Shiu-kei.; 曾紹祺1999206
A uniform-price method for contract auctionsYang, Kangle.; 楊康樂.2005235
Absence of jump of complex structures on Fano hypersurfaces under certain conditionsLam, Yan-ting.; 林殷霆.2011181
Acyclic digraphs with the Gallai-Milgram-Linial property for clique-coversZang, W199992
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