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A knowledge based process planning system for prismatic partsSiu, Sai-leung.; 蕭世良1991262
A life-cycle-oriented negotiation framework for supply chain management: an agent-based approach withhybrid learningFang, Fang; 方芳2007317
A multi-criterion genetic algorithm for supply chain collaborationChung, Sai-ho.; 鍾世豪.2003384
A multi-material virtual prototyping systemCheung, Hoi-hoi.; 張凱凱.2004518
A portalet-based DIY approach to collaborative product commerceZhao, Jianbin.; 趙建賓.2004278
A portfolio approach to procurement planning and risk hedging under uncertaintyShi, Yuan; 石园2010398
A reconfigurable neural network for industrial sensory systemsLeung, Yiu-cheung.; 梁耀祥2000484
A study of industrial hearing loss in Hong Kong: the contribution of impulsive noise characteristicsHui, Yat-ming, Simon.; 許一鳴.1983176
A study of managerial culture in Hong KongHuen, Chi-wai.; 禤智偉.1992178
A study on autostereogram: stereopsis and generation techniquesYu, Tat-wai.; 余達緯.1999311
A study on tactile symbolic tiles and guide paths for the blindChow, Ho-ming.; 周浩銘2000303
A taxonomy of strategic practices: an empirical investigation of manufacturing firms in the PRDLai, Man-shan, Hilda.; 賴文山.2005218
A versatile multi-material virtual prototyping systemCheung, Hoi-hoi.; 張凱凱.2007242
A virtual design platform for interactive product design and visualizationLu, Ting-hang, Mantin.; 呂定鏗2002296
A virtual prototyping system with reconfigurable manipulators for layered manufacturingCai, Yi; 蔡毅2011200
A virtual system for rapid prototypingSamavedam, Srinivas.2000220
A- and D-optimal designs for a log contrast model for experiments with mixturesChan, PLY; Guan, Y2001135
A- and E-optimal orthogonal block designs for a quadratic mixture model for three componentsChan, PLY; Sandhu, MK1999114
A-optimal design for mixture-amount experimentsChan, PLY; Guan, Y1997103
A-optimal design for Scheffe's quadratic mixture modelChan, PLY; Guan, Y1997113
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