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Acoustic characteristics of three-year-olds' correct and incorrect monosyllabic Mandarin lexical tone productionsWong, P201239
Acoustic characterization of accented English produced by primary 5 and 6 students of Hong Kong.Ho, SC; Ng, ML201227
Acoustic correlates of hypernasal fricativesWu, Sek-hong; 胡錫康; University of Hong Kong2006267
Acoustic cues for the perception of aspiration in Cantonese initial stopsPoon, Man-wai, May; 潘文瑋; University of Hong Kong2000223
Acoustic cues to the perception of the aspiration contrast in Cantonese initial stopsLo, P. S; 盧碧茜; University of Hong Kong2001184
Acoustic distinction of Cantonese long and short vowelsSo, LKH; Wang, J1996107
Acoustic features and skin vibration of Mandarin broadcasterWang, G; Warhurst, S; Yiu, EML201323
Acoustic features of English vowels produced by Cantonese-English bilingual speakersChen, Y; Ng, ML200993
Acoustic features of radio performers’ voicesWurhurst, S; Madill, C; McCabe, P; Yiu, EML; Heard, R201262
Acoustic fidelity of internet bandwidths for measures used in speech and voice disordersXue, SA; Lower, A2010152
Acoustic measure of fundamental frequency during three speech tasks in vocally healthy childrenLam, Lai-na; 林麗娜201128
Acoustic patterns of the acquisition of aspiration in CantoneseMok, Chi-hang, Daniel; 莫志恆; University of Hong Kong2002160
Acoustic properties of aspect markers & their homonymous lexical counterpartsLee, Sui-wan, Sarah; 李瑞雲; University of Hong Kong2000161
Acoustic properties of Cantonese final alveolar and velar nasalsWong, Livia; 黃麗韻; University of Hong Kong1995138
An acoustic study of the aspiration contrast in Cantonese-speaking dysarthric and non-nondysarthric adultsWhitehill, TL; Ciocca, V; Yuan, A199875
Acoustic study of the Cantonese diphthongsYuan, Anthony; 袁維東; University of Hong Kong1996197
Acoustic, aerodynamic, physiologic, and perceptual properties of modal and vocal fry registersBlomgren, M; Chen, Y; Ng, ML; Gilbert, HR199881
An acoustical and perceptual study of vowels produced by alaryngeal speakers of cantoneseNg, ML; Chu, R2009109
Acoustical differences in vocal characteristics between Cantonese and English produced by Cantonese-English bilingual adult speakersChan, Yuk-kwan; 陳育君2010189
An acoustics-based assessment of error patterns in English sounds produced by Cantonese ESL speakersZhang, L; Ng, ML2011160
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