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Empathy and psychological adjustment in Chinese children with asthmaTang, Ho-ming, Raymond1996197
Empathy and reason in ethics: exploring a framework for moral judgmentChan, Miu-hung, Bridget.; 陳妙紅.2003402
Empathy versus reciprocity : mutually exclusive?: a study into the confounding effects of empathy andreciprocity on interpersonal conflict management trainingYuen, Wing-chun, Anita.1996236
Emperor Kangxi and Li XuWu, Kwok-wai.; 胡國煒.1995176
Emperor K‘ang Hsi and Ts'ao YinHo, Kam Kai.; 何錦階1987203
Emperor Yongzheng's (1678-1735) policy of selecting officialsChow, Ka-ming.; 鄒家明.2005228
Empire and identity: British elite representations of "colonizer" and "colonized" in Hong Kong, 1880-1941Wong, Chun-leung.; 黃俊良.2007397
Empirical analysis of the gender earnings gap in MacauTam, Pui-kam.; 譚珮琴.1995241
Empirical exchange rate models: out-of-sampleforecasts for the HK$/Yen exchange rateLiu, Kit-ying, Ida.; 廖潔瑩.1997210
Empirical studies of program bugs and debugging strategies of novice BASIC programmers and the transferability of debugging skills to non-programming domainsLaw, Lai-chong1992236
Empirical testing of real options in the Hong Kong residential real estate marketYao, Huimin.; 姚惠敏.2006352
Employed women in Hong Kong: their class and gender imageriesKhor, Yee-tak, Diana.; 許綺德.1985252
Employee motivation and satisfaction in different organizational levels: a study of banking industry in HongKong in transition to 1997Yü, Ying-siu.; 余瑛韶.1995356
Employee satisfaction: a service productivityand service quality issue : the case of airline cabin crewLim, Choi-ling.; 林翠玲.1996460
Employees' perception of service quality as a major determinant towards customer satisfaction of a property management company in HongKongChan, Wai-kuen.; 陳偉權.2006363
Employees' perceptions to quality management in different organizational settings and its relation to job satisfactionChan, Chiu-kuen, Hilia.; 陳肖娟.1996226
Employment of scheduling algorithms and grouping scheme for performance improvement in peer-to-peer file distributionMa, Lingjun.; 馬灵鈞.2008194
Employment structure of workers in the Hong Kong constructionindustryNg, Pui-ling, Anna Laura.; 吳佩玲.2006716
Empowering teachers to collaborate professionally in school-based curriculum development: the Tsuen Wan ETSNprojectLeung, Fung-yin, Flora.; 梁鳳燕.2003185
Empowerment and control dynamics in project teams: a multilevel examination of the antecedents and jobperformance consequencesTuuli, Martin Morgan.2009372
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