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Results 19843 to 19862 of 22124
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The protective role of bone morphogenetic protein-7 against mesangial cell injury in IgA nephropathyChan, Wai-long.; 陳慧朗.2008279
The protective role of heme oxygenase-1 in liver fibrosisMa, Jian; 馬健2004326
The provision of cultural services in Hong Kong: a study of present arrangements and possible future strategiesShek, Wai-haan, Kitty; 石慧嫻2002183
The provision of residential child-care service under six: a policy analysisChan, Kam Tong; 陳錦棠1987150
The provision of small rural schools in Hong Kong: its 'cost' and 'effectiveness'Au Wong, Wai-yin.; 黃惠賢.1992200
The provision of trainer training in the Hong Kong Civil Service: perspectives and the way aheadTam, Lin-chung.; 譚連聰.1996181
The provision of transport services for the disabled in Hong Kong: a policy evaluationChan Yuen, Tak-fai, Dorothy.; 陳阮德徽.1981211
The psychological adjustment of the siblings of autistic childrenSheh, Ching-shan, Annie1996320
The psychological profile of cleft and non-cleft patients presenting with dento-facial deformities and its changes following surgeryLoh, Ser-pheng, John.; 盧思鵬.2004234
The psychological reactions of breast cancer patients with mastectomyPoon, Yuet-fai, Helena1996645
The psychological well-being of the caregivers of the dependent elderly in hong kongYuen, Mei-yi, Anita1987241
The psychometric evaluation of the Chinese version of the international prostate symptom score (IPSS)Chan, Hin-cheong.; 陳顯昌.2004275
The public finance of education: a comparative study of Hong Kong and ShenzhenTsin, Tak-shun.; 錢德順.1999196
The public image of psychologists in Hong Kong: an historical and cultural perspectiveFu, Wai.; 符瑋2002615
The public participation system in the government policy-making in China: a shortcut to legitimizing the stateor an entrenchment of its democratization?Xiao, Ming; 肖明201289
The punctuation strategies in Chinese of Hong Kong students: case studiesLam, Sau-shun.; 林守純.1995379
The pyrolysis of phosphorus-based flame retardantsYiu, Sai-man.; 姚世民1974245
The quality of discourse on growth and life cycles among 9-11 year olds in a knowledge building classroomTruong, Mya Sioux.2008226
The quality of lexical representation in Chinese normally-achieving and dyslexic childrenLeung, Nga-ki, Kate.; 梁雅琪.2008213
The quality of life of patients with low back painLaw, Kam-yin.; 羅錦燕.2005168
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