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Second language learners' investment in classroom discourse: developing a multilevel conceptualframeworkTrent, John.2007377
Second language reading and language transfer among engineering students at H.K.U.Partington, Ann.1981293
Second-hand smoke exposure of pregnant women and a randomized controlled trial of brief intervention for non-smoking pregnant womenin Guangzhou, ChinaLi, Qianhui.; 李茜晖.2011221
Secondary 4 remedial students' attitudes towards the fostering of learner autonomy through a task-based group projectCheung, See-wan.; 張詩韻.2005273
Secondary school administration assisted by a computer system: problems & prospectsFung, Chi-wah, Alexander; 馮治華1983182
Secondary school principals' attitude towards educational qualityFung, Sui-hing.; 馮瑞興.1996194
Secondary school principals' attitudes towards information systems: a case studyCheung, Ka-chun.; 張家俊.2002177
Secondary school prototypeWong, Shiu-tao, Stephen.; 黃紹滔.2000244
Secondary school students' attitude in choosing business stream: a case study in one secondary schoolSo, Kar-yee, Carrie.; 蘇嘉儀.2004253
Secondary school students' perceptions of learning with ICTChau, Mei-wah, Josephine.; 周美華.2003486
Secondary school students' understanding of ethical guidelines in accountingLee, Sze-hung.; 李思紅.2004345
Secondary school teachers' and students' perceptions of vocabulary acquisition teaching methodsPang, Yee-lam, Elaine; 彭綺琳2009540
Secondary school teachers' beliefs about IT and constructivist pedagogiesChan, Yick-nam.; 陳奕南.2003220
Secondary students' conceptions of learning economicsTo, Wai-tik.; 杜偉迪.2003281
Secondary students' English language learning beliefs and oral proficiency: a Hong Kong case studyYuen, Cheung-oi, Gary.; 阮章凱2002514
Secondary students' perception of physical education lessons and its relationship with their participation behaviour in sport activitiesHung, Chi-kwong.; 孔志光.1999223
Secondary three students' strategies in solving algebraic equationsLam, Mau-kwan.; 林謀坤.1998351
Secondary two students' perceptions of rotation and reflectionPong, Kwok-wai, Haggai-Rebecca.; 龐幗煒.2003187
Secreted aspartyl proteinases of Candida albicans with particular relevance to the oral cavityWu, Tao.; 吳韜1997156
Secreted PDZ domain-containing protein 2 (sPDZD2) exerts insulinotropic effects on INS-1E cells via a protein kinase A-dependent mechanismChan, Cho-yan; 陳祖恩2009190
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