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Identification of novel methylated genes in patients with endometrial cancersTse, Ka-yu.; 謝嘉瑜.2007138
Identification of novel parvoviruses in human and animalsFu, Tseung-yan, Clara.; 符祥欣.2009182
Identification of oxygen-rich evolved stars by maser surveys and statistical studies on infrared dataYung, Hong-kiu, Bosco; 容康喬201325
Identification of pathogenic fungal isolates by ITS sequencingLau, Ching-lai; 劉清麗201328
Identification of protein-interacting partners of testis-specific protein y-encoded like 2 (TSPYL2)Chiu, Peng-hang, Raymond.; 趙炳铿.2008254
Identification of Radix Rehmanniae (di huang) as a traditional Chinesemedicine with transcription inhibitory activity of microsomaltriglyceride transfer protein geneLiu, Ching-chiu.; 廖正釗.2008268
Identification of shared extended haplotypes in both population-based studies of complex disease and family-based studies of Mendelian disordersYing, Dingge; 应鼎阁201313
Identification of small molecule inhibitors of influenza A virus by chemical geneticsLau, Lai-shan.; 劉麗珊.2007237
Identification of SNP markers on 1p36 and analysis of the association of EPB41 with mandibular prognathismXue, Fan; 薛凡2011204
Identification of streptococci from pigs in Hong Kong using 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencingSin, Chin-hung.; 冼展雄.2006121
Identification of susceptibility loci for systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE) in Asians and functional characterization of the relatedgenesZhang, Jing; 张婧201329
Identification of the novel genes during endochondral ossification in the mandibular condylar cartilageSong, Yang; 宋揚2009251
Identification of the protein interacting partners of testis specific protein, Y-encoded like-2 (TSPYL2)Yip, Kit-yan.; 葉潔茵.2007236
Identification of the regulatory element of dehalogenase IVa of Burkholderia cepacia MBA4Chung, Yiu-kay, Wilson.; 鍾堯基.2003392
Identification of thermo-tolerant campylobacter fetus by 16S ribosomalRNA gene sequencingTeng, Lee-lee, Jade.; 鄧莉莉2001262
Identification of tumor suppressor genes in the commonly deleted region of chromosome 6q in NK-cell malignanciesGuo, Tianhuan.; 郭天欢.200992
Identification of tumor-associated proteins in human prostatic epithelial cell lines & squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck byproteomic technologyChen, Jia; 陳珈2004383
Identification of VIP, PACAP and their receptors in agnathans: insights into the ancestral origin of theligands and receptorsNg, Yuen-lam, Stephanie.; 吳宛霖.2010228
Identified of novel splicing variants of livin in acute myeloid leukemiaLo, Carfield.; 盧德心.2009226
Identifying and assessing housing needs in Hong KongFung, Hing-wang.; 馮興宏.1983277
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