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Notes on Chang Ping-linHo, KP199570
Notes On Classical Rhythm Fu Of ChinaZhan, HL200972
Notes on Hanyu da cidianSin, CY2001117
Notes on Hanyu da zidianSin, CY200199
Notes on labiodentals in BaiDing, PS201321
Notes on the Compilation of the Ming-shihHo, KP199971
Notes on the Translations of the ShijingLee, KS199975
Notes toward a social critique of human rightsCi, J201068
Notions of language dominance, language preference and language choicein the study of bilingual first language acquisition (BFLA)Chan, Mei-lan; 陳美蘭2010308
Novels of chivalrous women in the magazine SaturdayIp, Sui-lin, Stella.; 葉瑞蓮.1994150
The Number of Sheyin and Ciyin Characters Used in Li Qingzhao's ShengshengmanSin, CY1997148
Numerals in TangutDing, PS201067
'Nuns in Love: Powell and Pressburger's Black Narcissus (1947)'Sabine, MA2006101
Nurturing active and reflective learners in the new curriculumLau, KK201262
Nurturing hedges in the ESP curriculumHyland, K1996166
Nurturing reflective and independent learners through a technical communication courseLau, K201317
Nurturing reflective learners through a technical English CourseLau, KK201249
'OBASL: Bottom-up or Top-down; A perspective from HKU'Prosser, MT; Pomfret, DM; Cunich, PA2009186
Obituary: William H. Hinton (1919 –2004)Vukovich, D200413
The Object of Fidelity in Translating Multilingual LegislationLeung, JHC201358
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