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    HKU ResearcherPage: Chau, PH
    rp00574.jpg picture
    Dr Chau, Pui Hing
    • Assistant Professor
    • Honorary Research Fellow
    Publication list (Conference Papers)
    Results 1-14 of 14
    Discrepancies in perceived needs in community-based supporting services between older people with cognitive impairment and their caregivers
    Poster presented at International Alzheimer's Disease Conference 2014. Hong Kong, China, 6-7 June 2014
    Chau, PH; Kwok, T; Chan, FHW; Hui, E; Woo, J201416
    Reducing Institutionalization: Tailor-made Residential Care for Stroke Rehabilitation
    Updates in Cardiology for Physicians and Allied Health Professionals
    Chau, PH; Tang, MWS; Yeung, F; Chan, TW; Cheng, OY; Woo, J201419
    Psychological stress, cognitive appraisals, coping strategies, and emotional states of abused Chinese women
    HKU 18th Research Postgraduate Symposium, RPS 2013
    Lam, CY; Tiwari, AFY; Chau, PH201329
    Modified health belief model of exercise - Chinese version (HBME-C) for type II diabetic patients: translation and cultural adaptation, with assessment of reliability and validity
    Research Postgraduate Symposium, RPS 2012
    LKS faculty of Medicine, HKU.
    Lam, HS; Chau, PH; Mok, MPH; Ng, M; Leung, AYM2012122
    TCSP in future: evidence-based practice
    Jockey Club CADENZA Community Project: Transitional Care for Stroke Patients 2012
    Chau, PH; Woo, J201293
    Evaluation of a new service option for stroke patients in Hong Kong
    Annual Congress of Gerontology
    The Hong Kong Association of Gerontology (HKAG)).
    Chau, PH; Yeung, F; Chan, TW; Woo, J201281
    A tale of three world cities: health care policy implications
    Managing World Cities: International Workshop on Sharing Evidence on Public Policy Processes, Hong Kong, 13 April
    Chau, PH; Gusmano, MK; Rodwin, VG; Weisz, D; Woo, J2011135
    Gap of Health Care for Midlife Women—Controlling Risk Factors of Stroke as Example
    International Conference on Global Health and Public Health Education
    School of Public Health and Primary Care, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
    Chau, PH; Woo, J; Goggins, WB; Ho, SC201183
    Observation from Hong Kong compared with the UK
    CADENZA Sympsoium
    Mak, B; Woo, J; Bowling, A; Wong, F; Chau, PH2010161
    A neighbourhood environment index for Hong Kong
    Asian Pacific Perspective Regional Conference 2010
    Chau, PH; Chan, KC; Cheung, SH; Chan, CMY; Woo, J2010104
    Neighbourhood and health outcomes
    CADENZA Sympsoium 2010: Age Friendly World Cities and Environment
    Chau, PH; Chan, KC; Cheung, SH; Chan, CMY; Woo, J2010121
    Geographical variation in health outcome and hospital services utilization among the elderly in Hong Kong
    The 19th IAGG Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Paris, 5-9 July
    Wong, M; Woo, J; Chau, PH2009118
    Hot weather warning might help to reduce mortality among the older population in Hong Kong
    The 19th IAGG Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Paris, 5-9 July
    Chau, PH; Chan, KC; Woo, J2009148
    Well-being indicators: how does Hong Kong compare with other countries
    CADENZA Symposium 2008
    The University of Hong Kong.
    Chau, PH2008116



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