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Discovery and Optimization of 2,4-Diaminoquinazoline Derivatives As a New Class of Potent Dengue Virus InhibitorsChao, B; Tong, XK; Tang, W; Li, DW; He, PL; Garcia, JM; Zeng, LM; Gao, AH; Yang, L; Li, J; Nan, FJ; Jacobs, M; Altmeyer, RM; Zuo, JP; Hu, YH201276
High-throughput screening using pseudotyped lentiviral particles: A strategy for the identification of HIV-1 inhibitors in a cell-based assayGarcia, JM; Gao, A; He, PL; Choi, J; Tang, W; Bruzzone, R; Schwartz, O; Naya, H; Nan, FJ; Li, J; Altmeyer, R; Zuo, JP2009212
High throughput screening technological platform: application to drug discovery, sero-diagnosis and cellular biology researchGarcia, J; Nefkens, I; Choi, PS; Lagarde, NJC; Tang, D; Zuo, JP; Nan, F; Li, J; Vanhoutte, PMGR; Nal-Rogier, BTM; Bruzzone, R; Peiris, JSM; Altmeyer, RM2006103
Development of High Throughput Screening platform. Application to drug discovery and Sero-diagnosis.Garcia, J; Nefkens, I; Choi, PS; Tang, D; Zuo, JP; Nan, F; Li, J; Nal-Rogier, BTM; Peiris, JSM; Altmeyer, RM2006100
Dihydrochalcones from the leaves of Pieris japonicaYao, GM; Ding, Y; Zuo, JP; Wang, HB; Wang, YB; Ding, BY; Chiu, P; Qin, GW2005190
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