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A pilot controlled trial of a combination of dense cranial electroacupuncture stimulation and body acupuncture for post-stroke depression
BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
BioMed Central. The Journal's web site is located at
Man, MSC; HUNG, HB; Ng, R; Yu, XC; Cheung, H; Fung, PM; Li, LSW; Leung, KP; Leung, KP; Tsang, WK; Ziea, E; Wong, VCW; Zhang, Z201437
Efficacy and safety of Chinese herbal medicine for benign prostatic hyperplasia: systematic review of randomized controlled trials.
Asian J Androl.
MA, CH; Lin, W; Lui, S; Cai, X; Wong, V; Ziea, E; Zhang, Z201357
Dense cranial electroacupuncture stimulation for major depressive disorder-A single-blind, randomized, controlled study
Public Library of Science. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhang, ZJ; Ng, R; Man, SC; Li, TYJ; Wong, W; Tan, QR; Wong, HK; Chung, KF; Wong, MT; Tsang, WKA; Yip, Kc; Ziea, E; Wong, VT2012353
Effects of neonatal maternal separation on neurochemical and sensory response to colonic distension in a rat model of irritable bowel syndrome
American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology
American Physiological Society. The Journal's web site is located at
Ren, TH; Wu, J; Yew, D; Ziea, E; Lao, L; Leung, WK; Berman, B; Hu, PJ; Sung, JJY2007174
Acupuncture for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.
Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online)
John Wiley & Sons Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Lim, B; Manheimer, E; Lao, L; Ziea, E; Wisniewski, J; Liu, J; Berman, B200691
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