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Orthographic and semantic radical effects of picture-word naming in ChineseSu, IF; Zhang, QF; Weekes, BS2007107
Iridium(III) and rhodium(III) cyclometalated complexes containing sulfur and selenium donor ligandsLau, MK; Cheung, KM; Zhang, QF; Song, Y; Wong, WT; Williams, ID; Leung, WH2004119
Direct functionalisation of σ-aryl ligands: preparation of homoleptic functionalised aryls of osmium(IV)Lau, MK; Zhang, QF; Chim, JLC; Wong, WT; Leung, WH2001104
Bridged dinitrogen complexes of iron and chromium porphyrinsZhang, QF; Chim, JLC; Lai, W; Wong, WT; Leung, WH2001147
Mapping quantitative trait loci for milling quality, protein content and color characteristics of rice using a recombinant inbred line population derived from an elite rice hybridTan, YF; Sun, M; Xing, YZ; Hua, JP; Sun, XL; Zhang, QF; Corke, H2001201
Ruthenium(II) Ammine and Hydrazine Complexes with [N(Ph2PQ)2]- (Q = S, Se) LigandsZhang, QF; Zheng, H; Wong, WY; Wong, WT; Leung, WH2000148
Dioxo- and nitrido-osmium complexes with imidodiphosphinochalcogenido ligands [N(QPR2)2]- (Q = S or Se; R = Ph or Pri)Zhang, QF; Lau, KK; Chim, JLC; Wong, TKT; Wong, WT; Williams, ID; Leung, WH2000112
Ruthenium benzylidene and vinylidene complexes in a sulfur-rich coordination environmentLeung, WH; Lau, KK; Zhang, QF; Wong, WT; Tang, B2000131
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