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Behavioral Stress fails to Accelerate the Onset and Progression of Plaque Pathology in the Brain of a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's DiseaseYuan, QJ; Su, HX; Chau, WH; Ng, GCT; Huang, JD; Wu, W; Lin, ZX201357
Amyloid pathology in spinal cord of the transgenic Alzheimer's disease mice is correlated to the corticospinal tract pathwayYuan, QJ; Su, HX; Zhang, Y; Chau, WH; Ng, GCT; Song, Y; Huang, J; Wu, W; Lin, ZX201345
PDSS2 requirements for cerebellar development and functionsLu, S; Lu, LY; Liu, M; Yuan, QJ; Sham, MH; Guan, X; Huang, J201236
Cerebellar defects in Pdss2 conditional knockout mice during embryonic development and in adulthoodLu, S; Lu, LY; Liu, MF; Yuan, QJ; Sham, MH; Guan, XY; Huang, JD2012161
Neuronal and glial reactiions following hypophysectiomy in developing and adult ratsYuan, QJ; So, KF; Wu, W200469
Potential role of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in regeneration of neurohypophyseal system after axotomyWu, W; Yuan, QJ200470
Lesion-induced expression of nestin in supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei in developing and adult rats following hypothysectomyYuan, QJ; So, KF; Wu, W200370
The effect of IA9901 and EG6761 complex on motoneurons following root avulsion (in Chinese)Li, FL; Zhou, L; Yuan, QJ; Liu, FL; Yao, ZB; Wu, W200394
Influence of ginkgo biloba extract on NOS expression and survival of C7 motoneurons following brachial root avulsionLi, FL; Zhou, L; Yuan, QJ; He, HW; Yao, ZB; Wu, W200377
The role of nitric oxide on regeneration of paraventricular nucleus and supraoptic nucleus following hypophysectomyYuan, QJ; Wu, W; So, KF2003165
Response of spinal motoneurons in the early postnatal developing rats to different types of axonal injuryYuan, QJ; Wu, W199959
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