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Effect of N-acy-l-homoserine lactones-like molecules from aerobic granules on biofilm formation by Escherichia coli K12Ren, T; Li, XY; Yu, HQ201262
Heterotrophs grown on the soluble microbial products (SMP) released by autotrophs are responsible for the nitrogen loss in nitrifying granular sludgeNi, BJ; Xie, WM; Chen, YP; Fang, F; Liu, SY; Ren, TT; Sheng, GP; Yu, HQ; Liu, G; Tian, YC2011119
Effect of the food-to-microorganism (F/M) ratio on the formation and size of aerobic sludge granulesLi, AJ; Li, XY; Yu, HQ2011266
Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) of microbial aggregates in biological wastewater treatment systems: A reviewSheng, GP; Yu, HQ; Li, XY2010285
Operation of a sequencing batch reactor for cultivating autotrophic nitrifying granulesShi, XY; Sheng, GP; Li, XY; Yu, HQ2010541
Quantitative simulation of the granulation process of activated sludge for wastewater treatmentNi, BJ; Sheng, GP; Li, XY; Yu, HQ2010417
The quorum-sensing effect of aerobic granules on bacterial adhesion, biofilm formation, and sludge granulationRen, TT; Yu, HQ; Li, XY2010547
Kinetic analysis on the two-step processes of AOB and NOB in aerobic nitrifying granulesFang, F; Ni, BJ; Li, XY; Sheng, G; Yu, HQ2009141
Quantification of the shear stresses in a microbial granular sludge reactorRen, TT; Mu, Y; Liu, L; Li, XY; Yu, HQ2009407
Formation and characterisation of fungal and bacterial granules under different feeding alkalinity and pH conditionsYang, SF; Li, XY; Yu, HQ2008235
Stability of sludge flocs under shear conditionsSheng, GP; Yu, HQ; Li, XY2008132
Stability of sludge flocs under shear conditions: Roles of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS)Sheng, GP; Yu, HQ; Li, XY2006140
Thermodynamic analysis of product formation in mesophilic acidogenesis of lactoseYu, HQ; Mu, Y; Fang, HHP2004150
Acidogenesis of gelatin-rich wastewater in an upflow anaerobic reactor: Influence of pH and temperatureYu, HQ; Fang, HHP2003178
Anaerobic acidification of a synthetic wastewater in batch reactors at 550CYu, HQ; Fang, HHP2002132
Anaerobic acidification of a synthetic wastewater in batch reactors at 55°CYu, HQ; Fang, HHP200292
Comparative performance of mesophilic and thermophilic acidogenic upflow reactorsYu, HQ; Fang, HHP; Gu, GW2002192
Inhibition on acidogenesis of dairy wastewater by zinc and copperYu, HQ; Fang, HHP2001150
Acidification of lactose in wastewaterFang, HHP; Yu, HQ2001510
Acidogenesis of dairy wastewater at various pH levelsYu, HQ; Fang, HHP2001110
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