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Demand Uncertainty, Timing of Development and Leasehold Land Valuation: Empirical Testing of Real Options in Residential Real Estate DevelopmentYao, H; Pretorius, FIH20144
Ocean acidification causes severe mechanical damage to tubeworm: novel insights from nanoindentation mapping. (Under Review)LI, C; CHAN, BS; He, C; Yao, H; Shih, K; Vengatesen, T201321
Human infections with the emerging avian influenza A H7N9 virus from wet market poultry: clinical analysis and characterisation of viral genomeChen, Y; Liang, W; Yang, S; Wu, N; Gao, H; Sheng, J; Yao, H; Wo, J; Fang, Q; Cui, D201317
Folic acid conjugated mPEG-PEI600 as an efficient non-viral vector for targeted nucleic acid deliveryXu, Z; Jin, J; Siu, LKS; Yao, H; Sze, J; Sun, H; Kung, HF; Poon, WS; Ng, SSM; Lin, MC2012192
Early growth response protein-1 promoter-mediated synergistic antitumor effect of hTERTC27 gene therapy and 5-flurorouracil on nasopharyngeal carcinomaLin, G; Lin, MCM; Lin, S; Yao, H; Yu, S; Yi, W; Xu, G; Ng, SSM; Chen, S; Yu, J; Wang, X; Yang, B2012114
Demand Uncertainty, Timing of Development, and Leasehold Land Valuation: Testing Real Options in Residential Real Estate DevelopmentYao, H; Pretorius, FIH20112
Henderson Land: Valuing Flexibility and Real Options AnalysisPretorius, FIH; Yao, H; Yu, CK20115
Effective melanoma immunotherapy with interleukin-2 delivered by a novel polymeric nanoparticleYao, H; Ng, SS; Huo, LF; Chow, BKC; Shen, Z; Yang, M; Sze, J; Ko, O; Li, M; Yue, A; Lu, LW; Bian, XW; Kung, HF; Lin, MC2011270
An intronic variant in the GRP78, a stress-associated gene, improves prediction for liver cirrhosis in persistent HBV carriersZhu, X; Chen, L; Fan, W; Lin, MCM; Tian, L; Wang, M; Lin, S; Wang, Z; Zhang, J; Wang, J; Yao, H; Kung, H; Li, D2011104
Cyclodextrin-PEI-Tat Polymer as a Vector for Plasmid DNA Delivery to Placenta Mesenchymal Stem CellsLai, WF; Tang, GP; Wang, X; Li, G; Yao, H; Shen, Z; Lu, G; Poon, WS; Kung, HF; Lin, MCM2011173
Real Options Analysis: Empirical Testing of Real Options in Residential Real Estate DevelopmentYao, H; Pretorius, FIH20112
MYC protein inhibits transcription of the MicroRNA cluster MC-let-7a-1∼let-7d via noncanonical E-boxWang, Z; Lin, S; Li, JJ; Xu, Z; Yao, H; Zhu, X; Xie, D; Shen, Z; Sze, J; Li, K; Lu, G; Chan, DTM; Poon, WS; Kung, HF; Lin, MCM2011116
Inhibition of melanoma growth by subcutaneous administration of hTERTC27 viral cocktail in C57BL/6 mice.Huo, L; Yao, H; Wang, X; Wong, GW; Kung, HF; Lin, MC2010144
miR-200a regulates epithelial-mesenchymal to stem-like transition via ZEB2 and β-catenin signalingXia, H; Cheung, WKC; Sze, J; Lu, G; Jiang, S; Yao, H; Bian, XW; Poon, WS; Kung, HF; Lin, MC2010209
Development of a Novel Low Toxicity and High Efficiency PEI-Based Nanopolymer for Gene Delivery In Vitro and In VivoYao, H; Ng, SM; Tang, G; Lin, MC2009126
Development of a Low-toxicity and High-efficiency Polymeric Nanoparticle for Gene DeliveryYao, H; Ng, SM; Tang, G; Kung, HF; Lin, MC2009102
Treatment of Melanoma by a Novel Non-Viral Vector Mediated Delivery of Interleukin-2Yao, H; Wang, X; Ng, SM; Lin, MC2009163
The gene transfection efficiency of a folate-PEI600-cyclodextrin nanopolymerYao, H; Ng, SS; Tucker, WO; Tsang, YKT; Man, K; Wang, Xm; Chow, BKC; Kung, HF; Tang, GP; Lin, MC2009403
An Effective Interleukin-2 Cancer Immunotherapy Delivered by a Novel Polymeric nanoparticle in MelanomaYao, H; Ng, SM; Li, M; Lin, MC200994
Inhibition of HBV replication and gene expression in vitro and in vivo with a single AAV vector delivering two shRNA moleculesLi, Z; He, Ml; Yao, H; Dong, Qm; Chen, Yc; Chan, Cy; Zheng, Bj; Yuen, Ky; Peng, Y; Sun, Q; Yang, X; Lin, MC; Sung, JJY; Kung, Hf2009258
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