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Enhanced immune response and protective effects of nano-chitosan-based DNA vaccine encoding T cell epitopes of Esat-6 and FL against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infectionFeng, G; Jiang, Q; Xia, M; Lu, Y; Qiu, W; Zhao, D; Lu, L; Peng, G; Wang, Y201343
Cooperative beamforming for dual-hop amplify-and-forward multi-antenna relaying cellular networksXing, C; Ma, S; Xia, M; Wu, YC201273
Robust Transceiver with Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding for Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relaying SystemsXing, C; Xia, M; Gao, F; Wu, YC201227
Exact Outage Probability of Dual-Hop CSI-Assisted AF Relaying over Nakagami-m Fading ChannelsXia, M; Wu, YC; Aissa, S201220
Non-orthogonal Opportunistic Beamforming: Performance Analysis and ImplementationXia, M; Wu, YC; Aissa, S201249
Robust Tomlinson-Harashima precoding for non-regenerative multi-antenna relaying systemsXing, C; Xia, M; Gao, F; Wu, YC201272
Uplink LMMSE beamforming design for cellular networks with AF MIMO relayingXing, C; Xia, M; Ma, S; Wu, YC201162
Non-orthogonal transmission in multi-user systems with Grassmannian beamformingXia, M; Wu, YC; Aissa, S2011172
Exact performance analysis of dual-hop semi-blind AF relaying over arbitrary nakagami-m fading channelsXia, M; Xing, C; Wu, YC; Aïssa, S201185
Low complexity pre-equalization algorithms for zero-padded block transmissionWen, W; Xia, M; Wu, YC2010174
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