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Development and Early Experience of a Mindfulness Training Program for Medical Students
12th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference & 3rd International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions
Wong, PY; Chan, LC; Chen, JY; Ho, RTH20158
Rethinking well-being in terms of affliction and equanimity: Development of Holistic Well-being Scale
Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work
Chan, CHY; Chan, HY; Leung, PPY; Brenner, M; Wong, PY; Leung, KT; Wang, X; Lee, MY; CHAN, SM; Chan, CLW201454
Further evidence that the 3’Untranslated Region of the CHOP mRNA possesses mRNA destabilizing effect
Hong Kong Inter-University Biochemistry Postgraduate Symposium 2014
Wong, PY; Wong, NS201423
Impact of a brief holistic workshop on students’ psychosocial well-beings and work empowerment
WPA Regional Congress 2014
Sing, CY; Ho, RTH; Wong, PY201440
Integrating Spirituality into Healthcare Service Delivery in Hong Kong: Development of Spiritual Resources and Consolidation of Values in Care
Community Care in Hong Kong: Current Practices, Practice-research Studies and Future Directions
City University of Hong Kong Press
Chan, CHY; Wong, PY; Chan, CLW201417
Integrating spirituality into health care service delivery development of spiritual resources and consolidation of values in care
A Few Missing Pieces to Health Care: New Horizons in Hong Kong
University of Hong Kong Press
Chan, CLW; Wong, PY; Wang, X; Chan, CHY; Leung, PPY201374
Referral strategy for early recognition of axial spondyloarthritis: consensus recommendations from the Hong Kong Society of Rheumatology.
Int J Rheum Dis
Mok, CC; Tam, LS; Leung, MH; Ying, KY; To, CH; Lee, KL; Ho, LY; Yip, ML; Tsui, HS; Chan, TH; Lee, KW; Li, EK; Hong Kong Society of Rheumatology,; Chan, EY; Chan, KH; Chan, KM; Chan, KY; Chan, PS; Chan, YK; Chau, SY; Cheung, TC; Cheung, TT; Chung, HY; Ho, CTK; Kun, E; Kwok, LW; Kwok, ML; Kwok, K; Lam, CK; Lao, WN; Lau, WCS; Lau, YL; Lee, AK; Lee, TK; Lee, KK; Lee, MY; Lee, SS; Lee, TL; Yan, T; Leung, MC; Li, WL; Liu, HM; Luk, MC; Ma, KY; Mak, LW; Mok, TMY; Ng, KH; Ng, WL; So, H; Sung, CK; Tan, RF; Tang, SK; Wan, MC; Wong, CH; Wong, KC; Man, S; Wong, PY; Wong, J; Wong, RWS; Woo, WS; Young, KY; Yim, CW; Yu, KL; Yuen, KYC; Yung, KM201363
Workplace violence prevention in the health care sector: a holistic intervention
27th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, SIOP 2012
Wang, X; Ma, J; Ng, SM; Wong, PY; Leung, KT; Zhu, XY; Chan, CLW2012171
A path to bring empathy back to medical school - mindfulness training for medical students
Frontiers in Medical and Health Sciences Education
Wong, PY; Chen, JY; Chan, LC; Ho, RTH2011219
Integrative Eastern Body-mind-spirit healing - arts and science of acceptance and transformation of pain and suffering
Centre for the Humanities and Medicine, The University of Hong Kong.
Chan, CLW; Leung, PPY; Ng, OKP; Wong, PY; Leung, KT2010178
彩繪人生 : 提昇生命的七種素質
Leung, KT; Ng, OKP; Wong, PY2009139
Dynamic clinical communication with the body-mind-spirit approach
Frontiers in Medical and Health Sciences Education 2009
Wong, PY2009117
Project BLISS: Blessing and loving initiatives through servicing and support
6th Pan Asian Initiative on Service Learning & 2nd Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service Learning
Wong, PY2009127
精神復康支援: 照顧者身心靈健康概念與實務方針
利民會銀禧紀念特刊: 社區精神康復服務新機遇
Chan, CLW; Wong, PY; Ng, OKP; Chan, TH2009377
Dedication to preserve dignity in end-of-life care—Transforming illness and death into a healing process of becoming whole for patients and family membersChan, CLW; Chan, WCH; Ho, AHY; Leung, KT; Wong, PY2008168
Developing web-based tools for Teaching, Training, Learning and Development: the role of Academic Institutions
Journal of Architectural Engineering & Design Management, Special Issue on ‘e-Learning in the Built Environment’
Kumaraswamy, MM; Miller, CJ; Rahman, MM; Pickernell, DG; Ng, TST; Wong, PY2006153
Cultural Fairness of the Digit Vigilance Test
Cambridge University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Lee, TMC; Wong, PY; Chan, D; Ho, T; Pau, C1998441
Keeping Reflection FreshWong, RSC; Wong, PY; Chen, JY; Chan, LC-70
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