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Integrating spirituality into health care service delivery development of spiritual resources and consolidation of values in careChan, CLW; Wong, PY; Wang, X; Chan, CHY; Leung, PPY201330
Mindful Practice Training For Medical Students’ Wellbeing And Professional Development: The Experiences From The University Of Hong KongWong, PY; Chen, JY; Chan, LC; Ho, RTH201332
Workplace violence prevention in the health care sector: a holistic interventionWang, X; Ma, J; Ng, SM; Wong, PY; Leung, KT; Zhu, XY; Chan, CLW201280
A path to bring empathy back to medical school - mindfulness training for medical studentsWong, PY; Chen, JY; Chan, LC; Ho, RTH2011112
Integrative Eastern Body-mind-spirit healing - arts and science of acceptance and transformation of pain and sufferingChan, CLW; Leung, PPY; Ng, OKP; Wong, PY; Leung, KT201087
彩繪人生 : 提昇生命的七種素質Leung, KT; Ng, OKP; Wong, PY200976
Dynamic clinical communication with the body-mind-spirit approachWong, PY200948
Project BLISS: Blessing and loving initiatives through servicing and supportWong, PY200962
精神復康支援: 照顧者身心靈健康概念與實務方針Chan, CLW; Wong, PY; Ng, OKP; Chan, TH2009213
Dedication to preserve dignity in end-of-life care—Transforming illness and death into a healing process of becoming whole for patients and family membersChan, CLW; Chan, WCH; Ho, AHY; Leung, KT; Wong, PY2008117
Developing web-based tools for Teaching, Training, Learning and Development: the role of Academic InstitutionsKumaraswamy, MM; Miller, CJ; Rahman, MM; Pickernell, DG; Ng, TST; Wong, PY200686
Cultural Fairness of the Digit Vigilance TestLee, TMC; Wong, PY; Chan, D; Ho, T; Pau, C1998377
Keeping Reflection FreshWong, RSC; Wong, PY; Chen, JY; Chan, LC-14
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