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Does the statistical technique determine the research results? A case study of cross-cultural researchShulruf, B; Zeng, M; Watkins, D; Hong, F2010117
Incremental validity of thinking styles in predicting academic achievements: An experimental study in hypermedia learning environmentsFan, W; Zhang, LF; Watkins, D201089
Longitudinal assessment of quality of life in rectal cancer patients with or without stomas following primary resectionYau, T; Watkins, D; Cunningham, D; Barbachano, Y; Chau, I; Chong, G2009143
The role of mastery, performance, and social goals in academic motivation among Filipino studentsKing, R; Watkins, D200966
Personality, career decision self-efficacy and commitment to the career choices process among Chinese graduate studentsJin, L; Watkins, D; Yuen, M2009220
China’s Community Colleges: Remolding a Model to Meet Transitional ChallengesPostiglione, GA; Watkins, D; Wang, L200877
Religion and forgiveness from a Hong Kong Chinese perspectiveHui, EKP; Watkins, D; Wong, TNY; Sun, RCF2006128
Towards a model of suicidal ideation for Hong Kong Chinese adolescentsSun, RCF; Hui, EKP; Watkins, D2006133
Personality correlates of the disposition towards interpersonal forgiveness: A Chinese perspectiveFu, H; Watkins, D; Hui, EKP2004143
Cognitive development and student approaches to learning: An investigation of Perry's theory with Chinese and U.S. university studentsZhang, LF; Watkins, D2001155
Coping with stress in Hong Kong: An investigation of the influence of gender, age, and the self-conceptSiu, ACK; Watkins, D1997172
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