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The genetic, environmental and phenotypic correlations of bone phenotypes at the spine and hip in ChineseWang, YB; Lei, SF; Dvornyk, V; Sun, X; Jiang, DK; Li, MX; Deng, HW200662
Dihydrochalcones from the leaves of Pieris japonicaYao, GM; Ding, Y; Zuo, JP; Wang, HB; Wang, YB; Ding, BY; Chiu, P; Qin, GW2005189
A geochronological constraint to the Guandi complex, Western Hills of Beijing, and its implications for the tectonic evolutionYan, DP; Zhou, MF; Song, HL; Liu, DY; Wang, YB; Wang, CL; Deng, TZ200596
The -1997 G/T polymorphism in the COLIA1 upstream regulatory region is associated with hip bone mineral density (BMD) in Chinese nuclear familiesZhang, YY; Lei, SF; Mo, XY; Wang, YB; Li, MX; Deng, HW200564
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