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Exotic phase separation and phase diagrams of a Fermi-Fermi mixture in a trap at finite temperatureWang, JB; Guo, H; Chen, QJ201322
Thermal percolation in stable graphite suspensionsZheng, R; Gao, J; Wang, JJ; Feng, SP; Ohtani, H; Wang, JB; Chen, G2012187
Efficiency comparison of the full bridge converters in considered magnetic saturationWang, JB; Li, R; Chen, J2008150
Synthesis and Analysis of abnormal Wurtzite ZnSe nanoringsChoy, WCH; Jin, L; Leung, YP; Ong, HC; Wang, JB2007102
Synthesis and analysis of abnormal wurtzite ZnSe nanowheelsJin, L; Choy, WCH; Leung, YP; Yuk, TI; Ong, HC; Wang, JB2007237
Effects of total glycosides from Baishouwu on human breast and prostate cancer cell proliferationWang, H; Wang, Q; Srivastava, RK; Gong, SS; Lao, L; Fondell, JD; Wang, JB200321
Relationship of apoptosis and angiogenesis and the carcinogenesis of laryngeal mucosaDeng, ZH; Hwang, WG; Jin, Y; Qiu, JH; Wang, JL; Wang, JB; Tipoe, GL199969
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