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Managing stress and anxiety through qigong exercise in healthy adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsWang, C; Chan, CHY; Ho, RTH; Chan, JSM; Ng, SM; Chan, CLW201440
Comparison of Patients Hospitalized With Influenza A Subtypes H7N9, H5N1, and 2009 Pandemic H1N1Wang, C; Yu, HJ; Horby, PW; Cao, B; Wu, P; Yang, S; Gao, H; Li, H; Tsang, KL; Liao, QH; Gao, ZC; Ip, DKM; Jia, HY; Jiang, H; Liu, B; Ni, MY; Dai, ZH; Liu, FF; Kinh, NV; Liem, NT; Hien, TT; Li, Y; Yang, J; Wu, JTK; Zheng, YM; Leung, GM; Farrar, JJ; Cowling, BJ; Uyeki, TM; Li, LJ201422
Suicide rates in China from 2002 to 2011: an update.Wang, C; Chan, CLW; Yip, PSF201321
Structural basis for role of Ringer Finger Protein RNF168 Ring domainZhang, X; CHEN, J; Wu, M; Wu, H; Arokiaraj, AWR; Wang, C; Zhang, W; Tao, Y; Huen, MSY; Zang, J201357
Genomewide association analyses in Chinese Han identify two new susceptibility loci for amyotrophic lateral sclerosisDeng, M; Wei, L; Zuo, X; Tian, Y; Xie, F; Hu, P; Zhu, C; Yu, F; Meng, Y; Wang, H; Zhang, F; Ma, H; Ye, R; Cheng, H; Du, J; Dong, W; Zhou, S; Wang, C; Wang, Y; Wang, J; Lee, TMC201343
Face-to-Face and Telephone Counseling for Problem Gambling: A Pragmatic Multisite Randomized StudyTse, SSK; Campbell, L; Rossen, F; Wang, C; Jull, A; Yan, ECW; Jackson, A201378
Tricomponent fibrous scaffolds with dual delivery of rhVEGF and rhBMP-2 for bone tissue engineeringWang, C; Wang, M201326
Genome-wide association study in a Chinese population identifies a susceptibility locus for type 2 diabetes at 7q32 near PAX4Ma, RCW; Hu, C; Tam, CH; Zhang, R; Kwan, P; Leung, TF; Thomas, GN; Go, MJ; Hara, K; Sim, X; Ho, JSK; Wang, C; Li, H; Lu, L; Wang, Y; Li, JW; Wang, Y; Lam, VKL; Wang, J; Yu, W; Kim, YJ; Ng, DP; Fujita, J; Panoutsopoulou, K; Day-Williams, AG; Lee, HM; Ng, ACW; Fang, YJ; Kong, APS; Jiang, F; Ma, X; Hou, X; Tang, S; Lu, J; Yamauchi, T; Tsui, SKW; Woo, J; Leung, PC; Zhang, X; Tang, NLS; Sy, HY; Liu, J; Wong, TY; Lee, JY; Maeda, S; Xu, G; Cherny, SS; Chan, TF; Ng, MCY; Xiang, K; Morris, AP; DIAGRAM Consortium,; Keildson, S; The MuTHER Consortium,; Hu, R; Li, J; Lin, X; Cho, YS; Kadowaki, T; Tai, ES; Zeggini, E; McCarthy, MI; Hon, KL; Baum, L; Tomlinson, B; So, WY; Bao, Y; Chan, JCN; Jia, W201390
Cancer incidence and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes treated with human insulin: a cohort study in ShanghaiGu, Y; Wang, C; Zhang, Y; Hou, X; Mo, Y; Yu, W; Zhang, L; Hu, C; Nan, H; Chen, L; Li, J; Liu, Y; Huang, Z; Han, M; Bao, Y; Zhong, W; Jia, W201351
Distribution of platinum-group elements in magmatic and altered ores in the Jinchuan intrusion, China: an example of selenium remobilization by postmagmatic fluidsPrichard, H; Knight, R; Fisher, P; McDonald, I; Zhou, MF; Wang, C201323
Electrospun osteoconductive and osteoinductive bicomponent scaffolds: controlled release of rhBMP-2 and enhanced biological performance of scaffoldsWang, C; Wang, M201324
New textural and mineralogical constraints on the origin of the Hongge Fe-Ti-V oxide deposit, SW ChinaWang, C; Zhou, MF201322
Prevalence and trajectory of psychopathology among child and adolescent survivors of disasters: a systematic review of epidemiological studies across 1987-2011Wang, C; Chan, CLW; Ho, RTH201339
Structural Basis for Role of Ring Finger Protein RNF168 RING DomainZhang, X; CHEN, J; Wu, M; Wu, H; Arokiaraj, AWR; Wang, C; Zhang, W; Tao, Y; Huen, MSY; Zang, J201332
The effect of qigong on depressive and anxiety symptoms: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsWang, C; Chan, CLW; Ho, RTH; Tsang, HW; Chan, CHY; Ng, SM201343
A new high resolution depth map estimation system using stereo vision and depth sensing deviceZhang, S; Wang, C; Chan, SC201338
The viruses of wild pigeon droppingsPhan, TG; Vo, NP; Boros, Á; Pankovics, P; Reuter, G; Li, OTW; Wang, C; Deng, X; Poon, LLM; Delwart, E201321
A new bandwidth adaptive non-local kernel regression algorithm for image/video restoration and its GPU realizationWang, C; Chan, SC201329
The effect of Tai Chi exercise on immunity and infections: A systematic review of controlled trialsHo, RTH; Wang, C; Ng, SM; Ho, AHY; Ziea, ET; Wong, VCT; Chan, CLW2013118
Effects of Qigong Exercise on Fatigue, Anxiety, and Depressive Symptoms of Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-Like Illness: A Randomized Controlled TrialChan, JSM; Ho, RTH; Wang, C; Yuan, LP; Sham, JST; Chan, CLW201359
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