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Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma: Clinical and histological findings from the international peripheral T-Cell lymphoma projectDelabie, J; Holte, H; Vose, JM; Ullrich, F; Jaffe, ES; Savage, KJ; Connors, JM; Rimsza, L; Harris, NL; MüllerHermelink, K; Rüdiger, T; Coiffier, B; Gascoyne, RD; Berger, F; Tobinai, K; Au, WY; Liang, R; Montserrat, E; Hochberg, EP; Pileri, S; Federico, M; Nathwani, B; Armitage, JO; Weisenburger, DD2011153
LMO2 Expression And The Hans Algorithm In Predicting Germinal Center Phenotype And Survival In Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma Treated With RituximabMeyer, PN; Weisenburger, DD; Choi, WL; Smith, LM; Greiner, TC; Aoun, P; Delabie, J; Braziel, RM; Vose, JM; Lenz, G; Staudt, LM; Chan, WC; Fu, K2009109
T-Cell project: An international, longitudinal, observational study of patients with aggressive peripheral T-cell lymphoma | Projeto de célula-T: Estudo internacional, longitudinal de pacientes com linfoma de célula-T periférica agressivoFederico, M; Bellei, M; Pesce, E; Zucca, E; Pileri, S; Montoto, S; Weisenburger, DD; Ruediger, T; Ko, YH; Liang, R; Zinzani, PL; Connors, JM; Foss, FM; Horwitz, SM; Polliack, A; Vose, JM200994
NK-cell lymphoma shares strikingly similar molecular features with a distinct set of gamma delta T-cell lymphoma and identification of aurora kinase A inhibitor as a novel therapeutic agentIqbal, J; Weisenburger, DD; Chowdhury, A; Srivastava, G; Greiner, TC; Deffenbacher, KE; Kucuk, C; Vose, JM; Au, WY; Nakamura, S; Seto, M; Delabie, J; Berger, F; Loong, F; Ko, YH; Sng, I; Liu, X; Loughran, TP; Tsai, M; Armitage, JO; Chan, WC2009110
Neither Cell Of Origin Algorithms Or LMO2 Expression Predicts Survival In DLBCL Treated With Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC) TransplantationGu, K; Fu, K; Chan, WC; Greiner, TC; Aoun, P; Smith, LM; Liu, Z; Meyer, PN; Choi, WL; Bociek, G; Vose, JM; Weisenburger, DD2009120
A new immunostain algorithm classifies diffuse large B-cell lymphoma into molecular subtypes with high accuracyChoi, WWL; Weisenburger, DD; Greiner, TC; Piris, MA; Banham, AH; Delabie, J; Braziel, RM; Geng, H; Iqbal, J; Lenz, G; Vose, JM; Hans, CP; Fu, K; Smith, LM; Li, M; Liu, Z; Gascoyne, RD; Rosenwald, A; Ott, G; Rimsza, LM; Campo, E; Jaffe, ES; Jaye, DL; Staudt, LM; Chan, WC2009182
Addition of rituximab to standard chemotherapy improves the survival of both the germinal center B-cell-like and non-germinal center B-cell-like subtypes of diffuse large B-cell lymphomaFu, K; Weisenburger, DD; Choi, WWL; Perry, KD; Smith, LM; Shi, X; Hans, CP; Greiner, TC; Bierman, PJ; Bociek, RG; Armitage, JO; Chan, WC; Vose, JM2008202
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