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Infection of swine ex vivo tissues with avian viruses including H7N9 and correlation with glycomic analysisChan, WY; Karamanska, R; Van Poucke, S; Van Reeth, K; Chan, WW; Chan, MCW; Dell, A; Peiris, JSM; Haslam, SM; Guan, Y; Nicholls, JM201324
Effect of receptor specificity of A/Hong Kong/1/68 (H3N2) influenza virus variants on replication and transmission in pigsVan Poucke, S; Uhlendorff, J; Wang, Z; Billiau, V; Nicholls, JM; Matrosovich, M; Van Reeth, K2012107
Detection of highly pathogenic influenza and pandemic influenza virus in formalin fixed tissues by immunohistochemical methodsNicholls, JM; Wong, LPW; Chan, RWY; Poon, LLM; So, LKY; Yen, HL; Fung, K; Van Poucke, S; Peiris, JSM2012195
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