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AIB1, a steroid receptor coactivator amplified in breast and ovarian cancerAnzick, SL; Kononen, J; Walker, RL; Azorsa, DO; Tanner, MM; Guan, XY; Sauter, G; Kallioniemi, OP; Trent, JM; Meltzer, PS1997159
Independent amplification and frequent co-amplification of three nonsyntenic regions on the long arm of chromosome 20 in human breast cancerTanner, MM; Tirkkonen, M; Kallioniemi, A; Isola, J; Kuukasjärvi, T; Collins, C; Kowbel, D; Guan, XY; Trent, J; Gray, JW; Meltzer, P; Kallioniemi, OP199684
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