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Resilience to work-related stress from the voices of women in sex work.YUEN, WYW; Wong, WCW; Holroyd, E; Tang, CSK20148
Evaluating the effectiveness of personal resilience and enrichment programme (PREP) for HIV prevention among female sex workers: a randomised controlled trial.YUEN, WYW; Wong, WCW; Tang, CSK; Holroyd, E; Tiwari, AFY; Fong, DYT; Chin, WY201338
A study of paternal mental health problems during pregnancy: an examination of risk factors for perceived stress, anxiety and depression and their impact on paternal-fetal attachmentKoh, YW; Lee, AM; Keung, KY; Chung, KF; Lee, CP; Chan, CY; Tang, CSK201167
Prevalence, course, and risk factors for antenatal anxietyChan, CY; Lee, AM; Chung, KF; Lee, CP; Leung, KY; Lam, SK; Tang, CSK201170
Attitudes and child abuse reporting behaviours among Hong Kong GPsLeung, PWS; Wong, WCW; Tang, CSK; Lee, A2011157
Psychological abuse experiences are independently associated with disordered eating symptoms among pregnant womenChan, CY; Lee, AM; Lam, SK; Leung, KY; Chung, KF; Koh, YW; Tang, CSK2010160
Identifying psychosocial risk factors for mental health and psychosomatic problems among expectant fathers during transition to fatherhoodKoh, YW; Lee, AM; Leung, KY; Chan, CY; Tang, CSK; Chung, KF2010208
Identifying relationship among perceived stress, stress symptoms and related risk factors among expectant fathers during transition to fatherhood using the threat appraisal model.Koh, YW; Lee, AM; Lee, CP; Leung, KY; Chan, CY; Tang, CSK; Chung, KF201080
Identifying relationship between perceived stress, stress symptoms and related factors amonf expectant fathers during transition to fatherhood using the threat appraisal model: Gender role and traditionalism-modernity as moderators.Koh, YW; Lee, AM; Lee, CP; Chung, KF; Chan, CY; Tang, CSK201094
Reliability, validity, and cut scores of the south oaks gambling screen (SOGS) for ChineseTang, CSK; Wu, AMS; Tang, JYC; Yan, ECW2010307
The Impact of Antenatal Depression and Anxiety in Early Pregnancy on Maternal-Fetal AttachmentLee, AM; Lam, SK; Chan, CY; Tang, CSK; Leung, KY2009138
To unfold a hidden epidemic: Prevalence of child maltreatment and its health implications among high school students in Guangzhou, ChinaWong, WCW; Leung, PWS; Tang, CSK; Chen, WQ; Lee, A; Ling, DC200984
Abuse experiences prior to and during pregnancy and their relationship with antenatal depression and eating disorders symptoms.Lee, AM; Tang, CSK; Chan, CY; Lam, SK; Leung, KY2009143
Disordered Eating Before Pregnancy and Unhappiness about Pregnancy Predict Disordered Eating During PregnancyChan, CY; Lee, AM; Lam, SK; Tang, CSK; Leung, KY2009123
A culturally sensitive study of premenstrual and menstrual symptoms among Chinese womenLee, AM; Tang, CSK; Chong, C2009172
Does body dissatisfaction before pregnancy predict the disordered eating in early pregnancy?Chan, CY; Lee, AM; Lam, SK; Leung, KY; Tang, CSK200894
Prevalence and determinants of child maltreatment among high school students in Southern China: A large scale school based surveyLeung, PWS; Wong, WCW; Chen, WQ; Tang, CSK2008137
Factors influencing intention to continue volunteering: A study of Older Chinese in Hong KongCheung, FYL; Yan, ECW; Tang, CSK2006117
Psychosocial and cultural factors influencing expectations of menarche a study on chinese premenarcheal teenage girlsYeung, DYL; Tang, CSK; Lee, A200564
Psychosocial cultural factors influencing perceptions of menarche: A study on Chinese pre-menarcheal teenage girls.Yeung, DYL; Tang, CSK; Lee, AM200590
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