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Clinical profiles of multiple myeloma in Asia-An Asian Myeloma Network study
Am J Hematol
Kim, K; Lee, JH; Kim, JS; Min, CK; Yoon, SS; Shimizu, K; Chou, T; Kosugi, H; Suzuki, K; Chen, W; Hou, J; Lu, J; Huang, XJ; Huang, SY; Chng, WJ; Tan, D; Teoh, G; Chim, JCS; Nawarawong, W; Siritanaratkul, N; Durie, BG201414
Management of multiple myeloma in Asia: resource-stratified guidelines
The Lancet Oncology
The Lancet Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Tan, D; Chng, WJ; Chou, T; Nawarawong, W; Hwang, SY; Chim, JCS; Chen, W; Durie, BG; Lee, JH201361
Manual on the Prevention Control of Common Cancers. Who Regional Publications, Western Pacific Series, No. 20
World Health Organisation.
Cortex, ER; De La Pena, AS; Laudico, AV; Manalo, AM; Parkin, DM; Tan, D; Tempongco, D; Gazemeir, U; Green, A; Gupta, PC; MacDonald, N; Mackay, JM; Maruyama, K; Miller, AB; Nambiar, RM; Riboli, E; De, SW; Zhao, YT; Yoon-Ok, A; Cox, B; Dorsch, M; Yu, TG; Hedley, AJ; Ng, KH; Sato, S; Takeda, F; Tan, P; Guang, WX; MacLennan, R; Laudico, AV; Han, T1998174
Hepatitis C viral infection in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in Hong Kong (Abstract 13.3)
The Second Hong Kong International Cancer Congress, Hong Kong, November 1995
Ng, IOL; Tan, D; Lai, ECS; Fan, ST; Im, SWK199593
Hepatitis C viral infection in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in Hong Kong (Abstract)
The 2nd Hong Kong International Cancer Congress
Ng, IOL; Lai, ECS; Tan, D; Fan, ST; Im, SWK199597
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