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Evaluation of the importance of various operating and sludge property parameters to the fouling of membrane bioreactorsSun, FY; Li, XY2011122
Investigation of the role of biopolymer clusters in MBR membrane fouling using flash freezing and environmental scanning electron microscopyWang, XM; Sun, FY; Li, XY2011139
Effect of biopolymer clusters on the fouling property of sludge from a membrane bioreactor (MBR) and its control by ozonationSun, FY; Wang, XM; Li, XY2011197
Change in the fouling propensity of sludge in membrane bioreactors (MBR) in relation to the accumulation of biopolymer clustersSun, FY; Wang, XM; Li, XY2011327
A membrane bioreactor for an innovative biological nitrogen removal processChen, W; Sun, FY; Wang, XM; Li, XY2010132
Visualisation and characterisation of biopolymer clusters in a submerged membrane bioreactorSun, FY; Wang, XM; Li, XY2008289
Geochemistry of the Late Jurassic granitoids in the northern end area of Da Hinggan Mountains and their geological and prospecting implicationsWu, G; Chen, YJ; Sun, FY; Li, JC; Li, ZT; Wang, XJ2008124
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