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Misinterpreting the potential benefits of aggregation for reducing desiccation in the intertidal: A simple analogyStafford, R; Davies, MS; Williams, GA201265
Cheats in a cooperative behaviour? Behavioural differences and breakdown of cooperative behaviour in aggregating, intertidal littorinids (Mollusca)Stafford, R; Davies, MS; Williams, GA201271
Mucus trail following as a mate-searching strategy in mangrove littorinid snailsNg, TPT; Davies, MS; Stafford, R; Williams, GA2011122
Robustness of self-organised systems to changes in behaviour: An example from real and simulated self-organised snail aggregationsStafford, R; Williams, GA; Davies, MS2011105
Self-organization of intertidal snails facilitates evolution of aggregation behaviorStafford, R; Davies, MS; Williams, GA2008134
Parameterization and prediction of community interaction models using stable-state assumptions and computational techniques: An example from the high rocky intertidalStafford, R; Davies, MS; Williams, GA2008128
Computer simulations of high shore littorinids predict small-scale spatial and temporal distribution patterns on rocky shoresStafford, R; Davies, MS; Williams, GA2007207
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