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Induction of tumor necrosis factor receptor type 2 gene expression by tumor necrosis factor-α in rat primary astrocytes
Life Sciences
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Lung, HL; Leung, KN; Stadlin, A; Ma, CM; Tsang, D2001204
Effects of tumor necrosis factor alpha on taurine uptake in cultured rat astrocytes
Neurochemistry International
Elsevier Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Chang, RCC; Stadlin, A; Tsang, D2001132
Endothelin-1 expression in the central and peripheral nervous system of transgenic mice
Neuroscience Letters
Elsevier Ireland Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Chan, SK; Chung, SSM; Stadlin, A; Lin, CX; Chung, SK1994242
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