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Prevalence of neurological soft signs and their neuropsychological correlates in typically developing Chinese children and Chinese children with ADHDChan, RCK; McAlonan, GM; Yang, B; Lin, L; Shum, D; Manschreck, TC2010123
Prospective memory deficits in patients with bipolar disorder: A preliminary studyLee, E; Xiang, YT; Man, D; Au, RWC; Shum, D; Tang, WK; Chiu, HFK; Wong, P; Ungvari, GS2010112
Assessment of executive functions: Review of instruments and identification of critical issuesChan, RCK; Shum, D; Toulopoulou, T; Chen, EYH2008173
Profile of proinflammatory cytokines in acute exacerbation of bronchiectasisIp, MSM; Shum, D; Tsang, WK; Lam, WK199667
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