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Lack of EP4 receptors on bone marrow-derived cells enhances inflammation in atherosclerotic lesionsTang, EHC; Shimizu, K; Christen, T; Rocha, VZ; Shvartz, E; Tesmenitsky, Y; Sukhova, G; Shi, GP; Libby, P2011113
Deletion of EP4 on bone marrow-derived cells enhances inflammation and angiotensin II-induced abdominal aortic aneurysm formationTang, EHC; Shvartz, E; Shimizu, K; Rocha, VZ; Zheng, C; Fukuda, D; Shi, GP; Sukhova, G; Libby, P2011141
Deficiency of EP4 reeptor on bone marrow-derived cells boosted inflammation and abdominal aortic aneurysm formation induced by Angiotensin II in hyperlipidemic miceTang, EHC; Shvartz, E; Shimizu, K; Rocha, VZ; Zheng, C; Fukuda, D; Shi, GP; Sukhova, G; Libby, P2010100
International Myeloma Working Group guidelines for the management of multiple myeloma patients ineligible for standard high-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell transplantationPalumbo, A; Sezer, O; Kyle, R; Miguel, JS; Orlowski, RZ; Moreau, P; Niesvizky, R; Morgan, G; Comenzo, R; Sonneveld, P; Kumar, S; Hajek, R; Giralt, S; Bringhen, S; Anderson, KC; Richardson, PG; Cavo, M; Davies, F; Bladé, J; Einsele, H; Dimopoulos, MA; Spencer, A; Dispenzieri, A; Reiman, T; Shimizu, K; Lee, JH; Attal, M; Boccadoro, M; Mateos, M; Chen, W; Ludwig, H; Joshua, D; Chim, J; Hungria, V; Turesson, I; Durie, BGM; Lonial, S2009129
Receiver sensitivity improvement for ON-OFF keying signal by using optical parametric amplifier and balanced detectionKuo, BPP; Shimizu, K; Chui, PC; Wong, KKY200891
Methods for full utilization of the bandwidth of fiber optical parametric amplifiers and wavelength convertersKalogerakis, G; Marhic, ME; Uesaka, K; Shimizu, K; Wong, KKY; Kazovsky, LG2006328
High-repetition-rate pulsed-pump fiber OPA for amplification of communication signalsKalogerakis, G; Shimizu, K; Marhic, ME; Wong, KKY; Uesaka, K; Kazovsky, LG2006383
Continuous-wave fiber optical parametric amplifier with 60 dB gain using a novel two-segment designWong, KKY; Shimizu, K; Uesaka, K; Kalogerakis, G; Marhic, ME; Kazovsky, LG200374
Continuous-Wave Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifier with 60-dB Gain Using a Novel Two-Segment DesignWong, KKY; Shimizu, K; Uesaka, K; Kalogerakis, G; Marhic, ME; Kazovsky, LG200369
Continuous-wave fiber optical parametric wavelength converter with +40-dB conversion efficiency and a 3.8-dB noise figureWong, KKY; Shimizu, K; Marhic, ME; Uesaka, K; Kalogerakis, G; Kazovsky, LG200355
Timing Jitter and Amplitude Noise Reduction by a Chirped Pulsed-Pump Fiber OPAShimizu, K; Kalogerakis, G; Wong, K; Marhic, M; Kazovsky, L; Shimizu, K200386
Interleaver-Based Method for Full Utilization of the Bandwidth of Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifiers and Wavelength ConvertersMarhic, M; Kalogerakis, G; Uesaka, K; Shimizu, K; Wong, K; Kazovsky, L200389
Novel in-service wavelength-band upgrade scheme for fiber Raman amplifierKikuchi, N; Wong, KKY; Uesaka, K; Shimizu, K; Yam, S; Hu, EST; Marhic, M; Kazovsky, LG200360
High Repetition-Rate Pulsed-Pump Fiber OPA for 10Gb/s NRZ Modulated SignalsShimizu, K; Wong, K; Kalogerakis, G; Uesaka, K; Marhic, M; Kazovsky, L200376
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