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Initial clinical experience of remote magnetic navigation system for catheter mapping and ablation of supraventricular tachycardiasXu, D; Yang, B; Shan, Q; Zou, J; Chen, M; Chen, C; Hou, X; Zhang, F; Li, WQ; Cao, K; Tse, HF2009108
The relationship of ventricular dynamics and mitochondrial nitric oxide synthase activity in septic shock modelsXu, C; Ye, Z; Gao, Q; Shan, Q; Bourreau, JP; Xia, Q200559
Endothelin-1-mediated coronary vasoconstriction deteriorates myocardial depression in hearts isolated from lipopolysaccharide-treated rats: Interaction with nitric oxideTu, J; Shan, Q; Jin, H; Bourreau, JP; Xia, Q200488
Role of cyclooxygenase in ventricular effects of adrenomedullin: Is adrenomedullin a double-edged sword in sepsis?Mittra, S; Hyvelin, JM; Shan, Q; Tang, F; Bourreau, JP200490
Effect of SIN-1 in rat ventricular myocytes: Interference with β-adrenergic stimulationYin, X; Shan, Q; Deng, C; Bourreau, JP200254
Adrenomedullin: A cardiac depressant factor in septic shockHyvelin, JM; Shan, Q; Bourreau, JP200294
NO and ADM depress ventricular myocytes in rats with septic shockShan, Q; Hyvelin, J; Bourreau, JP200182
Cardiac and vascular effects of nitric oxide synthase inhibition in lipopolysaccharide-treated ratsShan, Q; Bourreau, JP200092
Inhibition of Nitric Oxide Synthase Abolishes Vascular Hyporeactivity, but not the Depressed Intracellular Ca2+ Response to b-adrenergic Stimulation in Septic ShockShan, Q; Bourreau, JP199969
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