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iTRAQ-based quantitative proteomics profiling of metamorphosing larvae of the Pacific oysters (Under Preparation)RAMADOSS, D; Quan, Q; Ivan, C; Chandramouli, K; Qian, PY; Vengatesen, T201326
Quantitative analysis of oyster larval proteome provides new insights into molecular effects of climate change on marine invertebrate larvae (Under Review)RAMADOSS, D; Vengatesen, T; Chandramouli, K; Timothy, R; Zhang, H; Qian, PY; Yun, L; KO, WK201328
Proteomic response of marine invertebrate larvae to ocean acidification and hypoxia during metamorphosis and calcificationMukherjee, J; Wong, KKW; Chandramouli, K; Qian, PY; Leung, PTY; Wu, RSS; Vengatesen, T201330
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) does not alter metamorphosis but changes proteome of the invasive sleeper limpet Crepidula onyxMukherjee, J; Po, BHK; Chiu, JMY; Wu, RSS; Qian, PY; Vengatesen, T201324
Analysis of Pacific oyster larval proteome and its response to high-CO 2Dineshram, R; Wong, KKW; Xiao, S; Yu, Z; Qian, PY; Thiyagarajan, V201266
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) alter larval settlement of marine intertidal organisms across three phyla via reducing bacterial abundance on the biofilmsChiu, JMY; Po, BHK; Chan, CYS; Lam, MHW; Qian, PY; Wu, RSS201284
Transcriptomic Analysis of Neuropeptides and Peptide Hormones in the Barnacle Balanus amphitrite: Evidence of Roles in Larval SettlementYan, XC; Chen, ZF; Sun, J; Matsumura, K; Wu, RSS; Qian, PY201284
De novo assembly of the transcriptome of an invasive snail and its multiple ecological applicationsSun, J; Wang, M; Wang, H; Zhang, H; Zhang, X; Thiyagarajan, V; Qian, PY; Qiu, JW201279
Diversity and quantity of ammonia-oxidizing Archaea and Bacteria in sediment of the Pearl River Estuary, ChinaJin, T; Zhang, T; Ye, L; Lee, OO; Wong, YH; Qian, PY2011279
Response of cyprid specific genes to natural settlement cues in the barnacle Balanus (=Amphibalanus) amphitriteLi, H; Thiyagarajan, V; Qian, PY2010149
Protein expression during the embryonic development of a gastropodSun, J; Zhang, Y; Thiyagarajan, V; Qian, PY; Qiu, JW2010125
Polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDEs) alter larval settlement of marine benthic polychaetesLam, C; Neumann, R; Shin, PKS; Au, DWT; Qian, PY; Wu, RSS2010752
Temporal variation of coastal surface sediment bacterial communities along an environmental pollution gradientThiyagarajan, V; Tsoi, MMY; Zhang, W; Qian, PY2010168
Monitoring bacterial biodiversity in surface sediment using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis (T-RFLP): application to coastal environmentVengatesen, T; Lau, SCK; Mandy, T; Zhang, W; Qian, PY2010140
AOA and AOB in sewage treatment plants, laboratory reactors and estuary sedimentsZhang, T; Jin, T; Ye, L; Qian, PY2010107
2D gel-based multiplexed proteomic analysis during larval development and metamorphosis of the biofouling polychaete tubeworm hydroides elegansZhang, Y; Sun, J; Xiao, K; Arellano, SM; Thiyagarajan, V; Qian, PY2010171
2D gel-based proteome and phosphoproteome analysis during larval metamorphosis in two major marine biofouling invertebratesThiyagarajan, V; Wong, T; Qian, PY2009242
Proteomic analysis during larval development and metamorphosis of the spionid polychaete Pseudopolydora vexillosaMok, F; Thiyagarajan, V; Qian, PY2009201
Response of bacterioplankton community structures to hydrological conditions and anthropogenic pollution in contrasting subtropical environmentsZhang, R; Lau, SCK; Ki, JS; Thiyagarajan, V; Qian, PY2009179
Spatio-temporal changes of marine macrobenthic community in sub-tropical waters upon recovery from eutrophication. I. Sediment quality and community structureShin, PKS; Lam, NWY; Wu, RSS; Qian, PY; Cheung, SG2008638
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