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Asian pacific association for the study of the liver consensus recommendations on hepatocellular carcinomaOmata, M; Lesmana, LA; Tateishi, R; Chen, PJ; Lin, SM; Yoshida, H; Kudo, M; Lee, JM; Choi, BI; Poon, RTP; Shiina, S; Cheng, AL; Jia, JD; Obi, S; Han, KH; Jafri, W; Chow, P; Lim, SG; Chawla, YK; Budihusodo, U; Gani, RA; Lesmana, CR; Putranto, TA; Liaw, YF; Sarin, SK2010129
Chronic hepatitis B: Whom to treat and for how long? Propositions, challenges, and future directionsAhn, SH; Chan, HLY; Chen, PJ; Cheng, J; Goenka, MK; Hou, J; Lim, SG; Omata, M; Piratvisuth, T; Xie, Q; Yim, HJ; Yuen, MF2010206
Nomenclature for antiviral-resistant human hepatitis B virus mutations in the polymerase regionStuyver, LJ; Locarnini, SA; Lok, A; Richman, DD; Carman, WF; Dienstag, JL; Schinazi, RF; Bartholomeusz, A; Di Bisceglie, A; De Man, RA; Dusheiko, G; Furman, PA; La Colla, P; Lai, CL; Lau, JYN; Manns, MP; Niesters, HGM; Omata, M; OnoNita, SK; Otto, MJ; Pillay, D; Poynard, T; Sommadossi, JP; Shouval, D; Soriano, V; Thomas, H; Will, H; Zoulim, F2001113
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