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KIAA0495/PDAM Is frequently downregulated in oligodendroglial tumors and its knockdown by siRNA induces cisplatin resistance in glioma cellsPang, JC-S; Li, KK-W; Lau, K-M; Ng, YL; Wong, J; Chung, NY-F; Li, H-M; Chui, Y-L; Lui, VWY; Chen, Z-P; Chan, DT-M; Poon, WS; Wang, Y; Mao, Y; Zhou, L; Ng, H-K201014
Fluid intake and the risk of bladder cancer: Results from the South and East China case-control study on bladder cancerHemelt, M; Hu, Z; Zhong, Z; Xie, LP; Wong, YC; Tam, PC; Cheng, KK; Ye, Z; Bi, X; Lu, Q; Mao, Y; Zhong, WD; Zeegers, MP2010124
A stagnation model for depression: Apply TCM concept in treating depressionMao, Y; Ng, SM; Chan, CLW; Ho, DYF2004104
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