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Quality of end of life care for non-cancer patients in a non-acute hospitalWoo, J; Lo, R; Cheng, JOY; Wong, F; Mak, BSK201153
Evaluation of a continuous quality improvement initiative for end-of- life care for older noncancer patientsWoo, J; Cheng, JOY; Lee, J; Lo, R; Hui, E; Lum, CM; Or, KH; Yeung, F; Wong, F; Mak, B2011159
A comparison of the long-term health-related quality of life of handicap of stroke patients in Mainland China and Hong KongKwok, T; Jin, X; Yeung, F; Cheng, J; Lo, R; Lam, CLK; Yuan, HJ; Woo, J2010280
An initiative to improve end-of-life care for non-cancer patients in hospitals: Preliminary findingsLo, R; Woo, J; Cheng, JOY; Wong, F; Mak, BSK200995
Liver transplantation - Perspective from Hong KongFan, ST; Lo, CM; Chan, KL; Lo, R; Saing, H; Wei, W; Lai, CL; Tsoi, NS; Ng, I; Chan, JKF; Chau, MT; Tso, WK; Wong, J1996141
Liver transplantation using cadaveric and living donorsLo, CM; Lo, R; Lai, CL; Saing, H; Fan, ST199596
Audit of blood colloids and synthetic alternatives used in hospitalsCheng, G; Kumana, CR; Lai, CL; Lo, R199349
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