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Pregnancy and oral health in Hong KongChong, MM; Chow, TF; Huang, KY; Lam, HH; Lo, HY; Tse, CM; Wong, SY; Yu, KY; McGrath, C2007139
Selective functional deficit in dendritic cell - T cell interaction is a crucial mechanism in chronic hepatitis B virus infectionZheng, BJ; Zhou, J; Qu, D; Siu, KL; Lam, TW; Lo, HY; Lee, SS; Wen, YM2004151
Comparison of the immunogenicity, efficacy and safety of 10 μg and 20 μg of a hepatitis B vaccine: A prospective randomized trialYeoh, EK; Lai, CL; Chang, WK; Lo, HY198644
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