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Engineering outreach: A successful initiative with gifted students in science and technology in Hong KongChan, YY; Hui, D; Dickinson, AR; Chu, D; Cheng, DKW; Cheung, E; Ki, WH; Lau, WH; Wong, J; Lo, EWC; Luk, KM2010148
Intelligent integration of BIPV and load management systems for modern buildingsLam, KH; Lee, WK; Lo, EWC; Lai, TM2009157
Integration of BIPV systems and load managementLam, KH; Lee, WK; Lo, EWC; Lai, TM2009214
Neural network-based residual capacity indicator for nickel-metal hydride batteries in electric vehiclesShen, WX; Chau, KT; Chan, CC; Lo, EWC2005687
A new battery available capacity indicator for electric vehicles using neural networkShen, WX; Chan, CC; Lo, EWC; Chau, KT2002159
Estimation of battery available capacity under variable discharge currentsShen, WX; Chan, CC; Lo, EWC; Chau, KT2002212
Adaptive neuro-fuzzy modeling of battery residual capacity for electric vehiclesShen, WX; Chan, CC; Lo, EWC; Chau, KT2002631
Strategy and implementation for design and analysis of induction machines supplied by power electronic invertersChan, CC; Zhao, ZMM; Meng, S; Liu, YF; Lo, EWC2001689
A novel induction machine design suitable for inverter-driven variable speed systemsZhao, ZM; Meng, S; Chan, CC; Lo, EWC2000598
Switching transients in electrical installations of buildings in Hong KongLo, EWC; Snider, LA; Lai, TTM1997277
Visual servo control with artificial neural networkChan, CC; Lo, EWC1994505
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