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A Comparative Study between the Singapore Secondary School Current Chinese Oral Test and Functional Oral Proficiency Assessment
Teaching and Learning of Chinese Language Series - Volume 8
NTU-SCCL Press, Chinese Language Society
HU, X; Aw, GP; Lim, KH201425
Effectiveness of Keyword Reading as a Rolling Reading Strategy - A Case Study
Journal of Chinese Language Education
NTU-SCCL Press, Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Union.
Hu, X; Aw, GP; Lim, KH; Cao, W201339
Toll-like receptor 3 expressing tumor parenchyma and infiltrating natural killer cells in hepatocellular carcinoma patients
J Natl Cancer Inst
Chew, V; Tow, C; Huang, C; Bard-Chapeau, E; Copeland, NG; Jenkins, NA; Weber, A; Lim, KH; Toh, HC; Heikenwalder, M; Ng, IOL; Nardin, A; Abastado, JP201270
Chemokine-driven lymphocyte infiltration: An early intratumoural event determining long-term survival in resectable hepatocellular carcinoma
BMJ Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Chew, V; Chen, J; Lee, D; Loh, E; Lee, J; Lim, KH; Weber, A; Slankamenac, K; Poon, RTP; Yang, H; Ooi, LLPJ; Toh, HC; Heikenwalder, M; Ng, IOL; Nardin, A; Abastado, JP2012310
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