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SUSTAINABLE RESIDENTIAL BUILDING DESIGN - THE SUSTAINABLE BIREATH APPROACH: Building Integrated Renewable Energies and sources, and optimal AIR quality Total Harvest APPROACH.Cheung, KP; Luk, CLP; Wong, ST; Chung, SL; Fung, KS; Leung, MF2007144
Detection of serum neopterin for early assessment of dengue virus infectionChan, CPY; Choi, JWY; Cao, KY; Wang, M; Gao, Y; Zhou, DH; Di, B; Xu, HF; Leung, MF; Bergmann, A; Lehmann, M; Nie, YM; Cautherley, GWH; Fuchs, D; Renneberg, R; Zheng, BJ2006121
Persistence of recombinant Bacillus beta-propeller phytaswe derived from transgenic tobacco in soilsLeung, MF; Lim, BL2004104
Septic metastatic endophthalmitisTang, S; Ng, PW; Ho, YW; Leung, MF200375
Clinical management guidelines for osteoporosis in Hong KongAu, SY; Leung, MF; Chan, CS; Choi, SH; Leung, PC; Haines, C; Tang, GWK; Tang, LCH; Kung, AWC; Ma, J; Lam, TP; Lee, A; Lau, EMC1998552
Psychological, social and health issues in Hong Kong women with osteoporotic fracturesHo, AYY; Kung, AWC; Leung, SSC; Leung, MF; Lo, M1998139
Quality of life in osteoporotic Chinese womenHo, AYY; Kung, AWC; Yeung, SC; Leung, MF; Lo, M199772
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